Turkey callers invited to Seneca County Fair

Frank HincheyOhioans who want to talk turkey, or, better yet, display their best gobbler yelps and cackles, will have to trot down to the Seneca County Fair July 26 at 7:30 p.m.

The 2013 county fair's turkey calling contest sign-in will be July 8-9 at the fair office in Tiffin, according to a news release from the Ohio DNR.

Entrants will be required to pay $5 at signup at the fair office and 75 percent of the fees will be distributed as prizes.

The turkey calling contest features four age groups: Poults: age 10 and younger; Juniors: age 11 to 15; Intermediate: ages 16 to 20; and Seniors: ages 21 and older.

Each contestant will perform four calls: a plain yelp of a hen, a cutting of an excited hen, a fly down cackle, 20 seconds of any wild turkey calls, and a gobble call, according to the DNR.

Contestants may use any style of call they prefer (friction or mouth) or any combination during their performance. Judges will assign a score to each of the four calls performed, taking into account the sound authenticity of the call.

For more information, contact the fair board at 419-447-7888. The Seneca County Fairground is located at 100 Hopewell Rd., Tiffin, Ohio.

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