Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – June 21st, 2013


• Butler County WCO Christopher J. Deal reports that a couple of individuals have been cited for using pellet guns to shoot animals in their yards.  One individual was citied for “hunting” squirrels in Butler with a pellet gun. Another individual was cited for using a pellet gun to shoot blue jays.  He was upset that the blue jays were harassing the other animals that shared the bird feeder in his yard.
• Crawford County WCO Mark A. Allegro investigated a hunting-related shooting incident on the final Saturday of the spring turkey season in which a hunter was shot by his hunting partner.
• Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark said two individuals are facing charges for shooting bears recently. Neither bear was causing serious damage or presented a threat.  The simple presence of a bear does not give a person the right to shoot it, he said.
• Jefferson County WCO Andrew D. Troutman recently finalized five game lands violations, two littering violations and a deer case from last fall where two individuals shot three deer over a spotlight in one night (approximately $8,000 in fines were leveled against the two individuals).
• Crawford/Erie County LMGS Shayne A. Hoachlander said vandals recently damaged a metal gate and dumped about 20 tires on SGL 314.
• Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala reports that several individuals were found to be shooting fine shot or buckshot at the SGL 203 rifle range. Multiple shooters are facing fines between $100 and $200 for the range violations. 
• Armstrong County WCO Rod Burns reports that a recently concluded investigation led to a man being found guilty of possessing an antlered deer that was illegally taken and having a road-killed deer without getting the proper permit from the Game Commission. Fines, restitution and court costs totaled up to more than $2,000.
• Clearfield County DWCO Terry Sheetz apprehended a hunter with a loaded shotgun on SGL 321 in Clinton County during spring turkey season. The defendant was charged with possessing a loaded firearm while in motion and faces a summary violation. During the interview, the hunter claims that he was not hunting turkeys but rather pursuing coyotes instead. A shotgun shell was collected for evidence; it was a turkey nitro magnum load.
• Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs said that on May 17 a Montoursville man pleaded guilty to a charge from an incident that occurred on Nov. 30, 2012, in Loyalsock Township. On that date, the actor had an antlerless deer hanging in his garage.  The deer was not marked with a game kill tag. The man claimed to have killed the deer in New York State. The defendant was charged with one count of unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife.  He was ordered to pay a $500 fine by Magisterial District Judge Gary Whiteman of Montoursville. The defendant also faces the loss of his hunting privileges.
• Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer euthanized a white-tailed deer that escaped from a captive deer facility near the village of Lanse. Local residents indicated that the deer was roaming wild for several weeks. CWD tissue samples were extracted and sent for analysis. Results are pending.
• Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that mange in the bear populations in the southern half of Tioga County is still a continuing problem this spring.


• Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports four men he apprehended jacklighting deer at night with a crossbow and a spotlight from a vehicle all pleaded guilty to the charges. The judge leveled fines and costs for the poaching incident at $9,000. The subjects will also have the privilege to hunt in Pennsylvania revoked for five years for each count.
• Pike/Monroe County WCO Mark Kropa  is investigating a turkey that was shot from a vehicle on High Line Road in Porter Township. The person who reported the violation stated he was calling a turkey when he heard a vehicle and a shot was fired, with the pellets nearly striking him. He confronted the subject who deliberately covered his license plate so it could not be seen. The vehicle is described as a gray Subaru Legacy with the first three letters of the license plate being GDZ or GZD. The shooter was described as in his late 20s early 30s with a goatee. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Northeast Regional Office at 570-675-1143. 
• Pike County WCO Kirk Miller said an individual was stopped for riding a dirt bike on SGL 180, near Shohola Falls, on a trail not open for motorized travel. The individual faces fines up to $200.
• Columbia County WCO John A. Morack reports a Schuylkill County man was cited for depositing litter in a wooded area in Centralia last month. Two garbage bags containing paper, plastic and glass products were discarded. The littering fine and court costs totaled $431.50.
• Lackawanna County WCO Kevin Moran reports that over the Memorial Day weekend an individual was reported to have been shooting at geese. An investigation was conducted, and the individual admitted that he injured at least one goose. Citations have been filed.
• Northern Susquehanna County WCO Mike Webb reports a very complex and intricate littering case was adjudicated last month. The case involved a large dump site on SGL 35. The defendant was fined $500, plus additional cleanup and restitution costs totaling $3,101.07.


• Beaver County WCO Mike Yeck reports that a county resident recently pleaded guilty to three charges related to a closed season turkey violation. In addition to hunting for and killing a wild turkey in the closed season, the subject also trespassed onto private, posted property. The assessed fines and replacement cost of the turkey total $1,600 plus court costs.
• Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer reports that he is investigating an incident where a goose was shot with an arrow on a local golf course. The goose was identified and reported by the maintenance staff at the Club at Shadow Lakes in Aliquippa. Anyone with information is asked to call the Southwest Regional Office at 724-238-9523.
• Cambria County WCO Seth Mesoras reports that while checking numerous spring turkey hunters he found many people in possession of their son’s or daughter’s mentored youth hunting permit and turkey tag, even when the youth wasn’t with them. “It is a violation to be in possession of another’s license or tag. The mentored youth is to be carrying the tag at all times and the adult shouldn’t be – especially if the kid isn’t even there,” he said.
• Fayette County WCO Doug Bergman reports that charges were filed against several individuals for hunting spring turkeys through the use of bait and hunting without proper licenses and permits. Those charged involved a mentored youth.
• Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin reports that eight citations have been filed against ATV and dirt bike riders on SGL 51 and Co-Operative Access Property in Greene County.
• Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin said  charges have been filed against a Markleysburg man for using his car to locate a gobbler on the first morning of the season and then shooting the bird.
• Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin reports that charges are pending against two individuals for regulation violations on the SGL 223 shooting range.
• Fayette County WCO Brandon Bonin reports that unlawful ATV riding on game lands is increasing, and patrols are going to be conducted to catch these individuals.
• Fayette/Westmoreland Counties WCO Jason Farabaugh reports that a Mount Pleasant individual recently pleaded guilty to illegally dumping garbage along White Bridge Road. He was fined $500.
• Fayette/Westmoreland Counties WCO Jason Farabaugh reports that a Saltlick Township man recently pleaded guilty to several charges stemming from the execution of a search warrant to find the responsible person associated with a discarded bank receipt. “The bank receipt was found inside a garbage bag that was dumped in a remote area of Hanson Aggregates cooperative access property that is closed to motorized vehicles,” he said.
• Indiana County WCO Chris Reidmiller reports that four individuals were found to be hunting through the use of bait on the opening day of regular spring gobbler season. All four individuals were charged with hunting through the use of bait as well as other game law violations.
• Indiana County WCO Chris Reidmiller reports that Indiana and Westmoreland County WCOs recently conducted an ATV patrol of lands under commission control. “While no ATVs were encountered several individuals were found possessing alcohol on game lands as while as causing damage to property,” he said.
• Washington County WCO Dan Sitler reports that he filed several citations for individuals operating vehicles on game lands in the Burgettstown area.
• Washington County WCO Chris Bergman reports that an investigation is under way concerning two dogs that were permitted to pursue, harass and injure a white-tailed deer.
• Westmoreland County WCO Michael J. Papinchak reports that an individual recently pleaded guilty to attempting to kill a protected hawk. “He claimed that he shot at the hawk to comfort his children over their concerns that the hawk may harm their cat,” he said.


• Adams County WCO Cory M. Ammerman reports that one individual was placed under arrest for DUI and related charges including the possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Another individual was arrested for drug possession and an individual pleaded guilty to littering on state forest property and was fined in excess of $300.  
• Perry County WCO Kevin Anderson reports that while working with waterways conservation officers during a recent patrol of Lake Raystown, two boat operators were arrested on suspicion of boating under the influence. One operator’s BAC was nearly twice the legal limit while having eight people on board the boat.
• Franklin County WCO Douglas Barrick reports that citations were filed against two individuals for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia on state game lands.
• Blair County WCO William Brehun reported that recently three individuals plead guilty to charges filed against them for driving motorized vehicles in areas closed to such activity on Altoona Water Authority Property off Sugar Run Road, Allegheny Township, Blair County. This property is in a cooperative agreement with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
• Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that citations filed in May include violations for littering and loaded firearms in vehicles.
• Fulton County WCO Justin Klugh said that four people pleaded guilty and one person was found guilty this month from violations that occurred earlier this year.
• Huntingdon County WCO Richard Macklem II filed citations against three individuals for riding ATVs and motorcycles on state game lands.
• Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn charged two fishermen for leaving behind garbage after fishing.
• Land Management Officer Chris Skipper reports recent arrests were made for damage done to game lands in Huntingdon and Blair counties. The habitat damage, consisting of killing local flora with herbicides and damage caused by equipment traffic was caused by companies accessing their right-of-ways across the game lands.


• Bucks County WCO John Papson reports that citations were filed and guilty pleas entered for an individual who had a loaded firearm leaning on his truck during turkey season. 
• Bucks County WCO John Papson investigated an individual for possession of exotic wildlife.
• Dauphin County WCO Derek Daly recently immobilized and relocated a yearling black bear in Williamstown. “The bear was trying to enter a home through a kitchen window screen,” he said.
• Dauphin County WCO Derek Daly is aware of multiple treestands throughout state game lands that hunters left remain in the woods. “We have removed several tree stands so far and we will continue to remove them as time allows,” he said. 
• Dauphin County WCO Derek Daly recently made several arrests for ATVs on state game lands as well as other violations in which misuse of state game lands took place.
• Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham reports that a gray fox tested positive for rabies after the fox attacked a dog and then chased the dog’s owner.
• Montgomery County WCO Chris Heil reports that four individuals were confronted in a Horsham Township Park after legal hours, under the influence of alcohol, littering and fishing without licenses. “The violators were all cited criminally for disorderly conduct,” he said.
• Schuylkill County WCO Brian Sheetz reports that ATV activity has picked up considerably on SGL 326 and surrounding co-op properties. Numerous citations have been filed for riding ATVs and motorcycles on roads marked closed to motorized vehicles.
• Schuylkill County WCO Brian Sheetz reports that citations were filed on individuals on SGL 227 for drugs and alcohol.       
• Philadelphia/Delaware WCO Jerrold Czech Jr. reports that the three bald eagle nests in Philadelphia and Delaware counties all have had chicks hatch recently and the parents came be seen tending to the six new eaglets.
• Philadelphia/Delaware WCO Jerrold Czech Jr. reports five fawns needed to be relocated into the wild in both counties after people, mistakenly trying to help the fawns, took them home to care for them.
• Bucks/Lehigh/Montgomery/Northampton LMGS Dave Mitchell reports that they have been planting large grass fields on SGL 205 for the past few years with the goal of improving grassland habitat. “On a recent bird survey, we heard bobolink and vesper sparrows, both new species for our survey and both grassland nesters,” he said.

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