Fishing allowed again at Michigan State University

Tom PinkMichigan State University students recently were given something more than football and basketball games to keep themselves busy between classes; they'll be able to go fishing in the Red Cedar River for the first time in decades.

The MSU Board of Trustees voted to open the campus to fishing recently and the Department of Natural Resources has stocked steelhead in the stretch of river that winds through campus.

It may seem strange that a university known for its agriculture, natural resources and science programs would not allow fishing in its boundaries, but apparently the campus has been considered a refuge, so no fishing was allowed. In addition, when fishing was outlawed there nearly 50 years ago, the water quality was reported to be much poorer than it is now.

Some argue that the water quality is still unsatisfactory, although the students who were surfing on the spring-swollen river in recent weeks might argue with that assertion. So might the steelhead. While some may say it is unwise to eat fish from the river, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to go fishing.

Most of the steelhead won't return to their release site for a year or more, but the river holds smallmouth bass and other fish and there are many pleasant places on campus for students to wet a line.

While Michigan certainly has a great number of places for its residents and visitors to  go fishing, it’s always good when more public access is added, especially in urban areas that are easily accessible to pedestrians.

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