Appeal filed in wolf/dog hunting case

Dean BortzPlaintiffs in the wolf/dog hunting case filed an appeal Friday, April 12 of a judge’s Jan. 16 ruling that upheld a new state law that not only created a wolf hunting and trapping season, but also allowed the use of trailing hounds to track wolves during the hunting season.

In a second part of his ruling, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Peter C. Anderson blocked the training portion of the wolf rules. Anderson said hunters could not use dogs to track wolves outside of the hunting season dates in a training scenario.

In filing their appeal with the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the plaintiffs’ lawyer Robert L. Habush said, “Judge Anderson failed to address plaintiffs’ request for a declaratory judgment holding DNR’s wolf hunting regulations–allowing dogs to hunt wolves without necessary safeguards–in violation of Wisconsin law prohibiting cruelty to animals, both domestic and wild.

“Judge Anderson also didn’t address our request for a permanent injunction against the use of dogs to hunt wolves.”

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