Live-bait storage extra important this ice-fishing season

Terry TumaWe’ve all seen the reports about the low supply of high-quality live bait this winter. Most of us likely have experienced this fact of fishing firsthand in recent weeks. You can find good wax worms and Eurolarva, but with prices higher and supply lower, we want to properly store any extras for our next trip.

First, when purchasing mousies, euros, waxies, or any grub-like live bait, remember that scent is the biggest factor. They won’t deliver good scent if they’re not healthy, so always inspect before buying.

If they look brownish, or just plain flat-out brown, look for a different container. Keep in a refrigerator at about 40 to 42 degrees. Waxies should be in a cool dark place because it keeps them fresh. An area in a basement where it’s cooler (not cold) works well.

Then, at least every other day, check for dead ones and remove them. When we find high-quality live bait, we’ve got to take care of it!

Finally when fishing, replace your grubs frequently, especially after catching a fish. Put a fresh one on! You need those natural juices and scents in the water to attract fish. That rule, by the way, applies to minnows and all live bait.

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