Up in arms? You should be

Bill HiltsThe 58th Annual Eastern Sport and Outdoor Show was postponed in January, less than two weeks before it was scheduled to be held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 2-10. This was big news in the area it was to be held, in the state and around the country as gun owners, gun manufacturers and a host of gun-related businesses – both directly and indirectly – stood up and objected over the fact that Reed Expositions (the parent company out of England) had banned the display or even mention (including logos) of modern sporting rifles and the accompanying components (like cartridge clips) for the show.

In a show of solidarity against the ruling, more than 300 exhibitors stood in line to boycott the biggest sport show in the country. That figure could have even been higher, meaning more than a quarter of all exhibitors were opposed to the last-minute stipulation – a knee-jerk reaction by the show manager to the new anti-gun laws being imposed and talked about further around the country. This should be a tip of the iceberg as far as what the gun-toting public should be doing to react to the erosion of our Second Amendment rights. We should be speaking out every opportunity we can – joining forces with other oppositions to these new laws that are being forced down our throats. Call and write our representatives in Albany and Washington, D.C. And by all means, don’t listen to the mainstream media.

On three different television stations this week, I heard important politicians involved with the anti-gun strategies say that this might not be the right time for an all-out ban of “assault weapons.” It was almost as if they were conceding to the fact that the NRA lobby was too powerful. Don’t believe it! Now more than ever we need to put pressure on our elected officials. Are having the new gun laws passed in New York in lightning-quick fashion, without public comment, really representative of “by the people, for the people?”

Even if you don’t own a modern sporting rifle – an “assault weapon” termed by the media – you need to put up a fight. You need to take a close look at what falls under the umbrella of “assault weapon.” Semiautomatic shotguns also fall under the classification in New York if you have but one military-style characteristic … like a thumbhole stock.

This is the beginning of the chaos that will reign supreme in the Empire State. With more than a million guns that fall under the registration umbrella, the state police will carry the responsibility of registering these firearms between April 15, 2013 and April 15, 2014. Not counting weekends and holidays, that works out to be 4,000 guns a day for the entire year! Wouldn’t that time be better served going after criminals?

Another concern is enforcement of these new laws. If you get caught with a non-registered gun, will you be considered a criminal in the eyes of the state? I would assume so. And if so, they will have the right to confiscate all of your guns. Think about it!

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