Gerrits buck is record typical bow kill

A Fond du Lac County buck shot by William “Dusty” Gerrits, of Waupun, has been officially scored at 1893⁄8 inches (2001⁄8 gross), making it the new state record typical bow-killed whitetail. It surpasses a 2010 buck killed by Brian Inda.Stevens Point, Wis. — The 14-point white-tailed buck shot by William “Dusty” Gerrits, of Waupun, on the morning of Nov. 6, 2012, is not only the biggest typical buck tagged by a bow-hunter in Fond du Lac County. It is now officially the biggest bow-killed typical whitetail taken anywhere in Wisconsin.

An avid bowhunter for three decades, Gerrits was in his treestand in southwestern Fond du Lac County well before first light, looking for a different buck, nicknamed “Tiny,” that had been photographed by a trail camera the previous morning. He didn’t have to wait long to see deer, but none of them were Tiny.

A smaller 8-point buck was working a scrape line near his stand when the big buck approached from the south.

“The two bucks circled each other for several seconds before the smaller one realized he was overmatched and let the big boy take over the area around the scrape,” Gerrits said.

After chasing off the 8-pointer, the buck offered Gerrits a good broadside shot at 22 yards. After waiting for an hour, Gerrits followed a good blood trail to the buck, which had dropped just 50 yards from his stand.

Gerrits’ buck weighed 232 pounds before being field-dressed. Its rack had an inside spread of 19 inches. Its initial gross green score was 1972⁄8 inches.

In early January, a panel of official measurers from around the state gathered to measure Gerrits’ buck. 

The six-member panel consisted of two three-man teams. The three Boone & Crockett measurers were Mark Miller, of Fond du lac, Stan Zirbel, of Greenleaf, and Pat Gauthier, of Suring. The second group included Pope and Young measurer Randy Marlatt, of Crivitz, and Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club measurers Marty Krumrei, of Green Bay, and Patrick Gauthier Jr., of Suring.

According to the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club, the two teams spent just more than two hours carefully measuring every one-eighth inch of antler on the whitetail and came up with a final score of 1893⁄8 inches (2001⁄8 gross). 

This breaks the previous state typical archery record set in 2010 by Brian Inda, of Waushara County, by 16⁄8 inches, making Gerrits’ buck the largest typical whitetail ever shot with bow and arrow in Wisconsin.

Gerrits’ buck now gives Fond du Lac County the distinction of producing two archery state records – the state’s top typical and nontypical whitetail bucks. Hunting near Eldorado in Fond du Lac County in 2009, Wayne

Schumacher arrowed a 30-point buck that remains the state’s largest nontypical whitetail. That buck scored 2436⁄8 inches.

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