Bowhunters begin taking more does as season winds down

Ralph LoosBowhunters are turning to does to fill out their tags, according to the most recent harvest update provided by DNR.

As of Monday,  DNR was reporting the total harvest this season was 49.5 percent female to 50.5 percent male. But it was noted that since Christmas, more than 60 percent of the deer taken were female.

The sex ratio has been a roller coaster this season, with females making up more than 60 percent of the deer taken during the first month. That number dropped to below 50 percent for the following six weeks, then climbed to 60 percent for the past four weeks.

Overall archery harvest was at 56,904 as of Monday, a little behind the 59,176 taken at this point last year. The top five counties are Pike (2,679), Fulton (1,918), Jefferson (1,312), Adams (1,283), and Peoria (1,110).

The archery deer season ends Jan. 20.

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