Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Metro Area Minnesota Fishing Report – November 9th, 2012


The majority of deer registered have been antlerless with a few small bucks in the mix – big buck sightings have been limited by most accounts. Large sucker minnows continue to produce muskies at Forest Lake, while the St. Croix River is producing walleyes and sauger in 20 feet or more for the few anglers still fishing.
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The deer season started “so-so” with a few nice bucks taken in the area and a limited number of antlerless deer. Some groups saw a lot of deer, while others reporting seeing very few. Waterfowl hunters are shooting geese, mallards, and some divers on the bigger bodies of water and fishing action has been nonexistent.
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Fishing and hunting reports have been very limited since the deer season began. Local deer reports have been poor with the majority of hunters heading north and waterfowl hunters are seeing more geese than ducks in the immediate area.
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Walleyes are being caught with minnows at Clearwater Lake in 14 to 20 feet and Sugar Lake in 30 feet or more. The deer season started on a favorable note with a few big bucks, numbers of small bucks, and quite a few antlerless deer in the mix. Duck hunting has improved as better numbers of divers and mallards have moved into the area.
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There hasn’t been as many deer registered through the first few days of the season as last year, and big activity has been limited. Antlerless deer and small bucks have been seen and taken most frequently by hunters during the early stage of the season. If you get a nice day, walleyes can still be had with minnows in eight to 12 feet during the evening hours at Chisago Lake, Green Lake, and off Needle Point at South Center Lake.
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