Tuma headed to Fishing Hall of Fame

Plymouth, Minn. — Reaching an audience of thousands on a weekly basis, “Tackle” Terry Tuma regularly shares fishing information at seminars, on the radio and television, via the Internet, and in Outdoor News.
In recognition of Tuma’s 40 years in the fishing industry, the Hayward, Wis.-based  Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame this week named him an inductee into its 2013 class.

The Hall’s Awards Committee selected Tuma and 15 other anglers for 2013 enshrinement because of their lasting national and world impact on freshwater fishing. The organization formally will bestow the title of “Legendary Communicator” upon Tuma at a March ceremony during the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis.

“Tuma is willing to teach people what he has learned about fishing, unlike many anglers,” said Outdoor News Publisher Glenn Meyer, who has worked with Tuma for more than 25 years and is proud to call him a friend and valuable asset to the newspaper. Tuma has been in advertising sales at Outdoor News since 1988.

“One thing that Terry carries from his work through his fishing is his neatness and organization. If you have ever seen Tuma’s pickup, boat, garage and tackle box you’ll know what I’m talking about. His advertising clients appreciate his meticulous nature,” Meyer added.

Tuma’s meticulous nature is also what makes him a magnificent communicator and educator of the general public.

“Terry’s passion for fishing is self-evident,” said fellow Hall of Fame Legendary Communicator Ron Schara, who nominated Tuma.  

“Nobody does more fish talk than he does, and best of all, he’s good at it, speaking like a true Minnesotan with the famed Minnesota accent,” Schara said.

Tuma, or “T3,” as he’s affectionately known, said he was surprised by the honor and appreciative of being nominated and selected.

“I’ve always looked at fishing as a challenge, to figure out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of finding fish rather than just focusing on catching fish,” Tuma said.

His drive to learn about fish patterns then share that knowledge with anglers is what makes him an informed and engaging speaker.

Tuma said his parents instilled in him a love of fishing and the outdoors at an early age. He’s also thankful for the help of his wife, Karen, who has been a supporter of his angling and speaking pursuits. He’s also passed on the joy of fishing to his sons, Travis and Troy, who both have careers in the fishing industry.

What do you do after becoming a member the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame? Go fishing some more, of course.

“I’m just going to keep on promoting fishing and the how-to of increasing your success while having fun doing it,” Tuma said.

Hall of Fame Executive Director Emmett Brown said Tuma is among four Minnesotans who will be inducted next March. The others are Bill Lindner, Dan Sura, and Al Maas. See Tim Lesmeister’s column on Page 15 for brief profiles of all four.

“Of the millions of anglers out there over the years, just over 400 of them are in the Hall of Fame, making it a very select group,” Brown said. 

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