Thursday, January 26th, 2023
Thursday, January 26th, 2023

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Time to prepare for the fall kings

Cory YarmuthWith the fall weather arriving, it is a sure sign that the king salmon will be making their fall runs into the harbors up and down the lakefront.  For these beasts there are a few tricks I have learned to increase your opportunities and hooking into one as well as keeping them on the line.

1. The first thing is to make sure you change out all of the factory hooks and split rings on your baits and put on a better quality hook. Most baits have light wire hooks and split rings and loosing a fish to an open ring can be prevented.
2. Make sure all those hooks are sharp as well.  Dull hooks will not bury themselves well into the hard bony jaws of the fish.
3. Use slow moving, deep diving crankbaits that allow you to retrieve very slowly and keep them in front of the fish for a longer period of time.
4. Vary up your retrieve.  Slow down, speed up and even jig your spoons to trigger a fish into smacking your bait.
5. Add some rattles to your baits.  A bit of noise will aggravate a fish into striking.

These are just a few items that you will want to do to help improve your catch and hook ratio when fishing for the fall Kings.  Look for my next column and I will go into more details on the ins and outs of modifying and improving your baits to help you catch more fish.

Fish On!

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