Asian carp DNA found beyond barrier

Jeffery FrischkornThis news reported by the Ohio Environmental Council hardly can be classified as welcome for the Great Lakes and underscores the urgency for the federal to act quickly to stop the further invasion of the Asian carp.

It says that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is reporting that of the 2,378 water samples taken throughout 2011 in the Chicago canal system above the electric barrier, a total of 34 DNA samples were found to be positive for Asian carp.

And this year,  after just one day of sampling the waters above the barrier, the Corps reports it landed 17 positive DNA results from 114 water samples.

In other words, says the Ohio-based environmental group, the percentage of samples that tested positive for Asian carp DNA last year was about 1.5 percent whereas to-date in 2012 that figure has sky-rocketed to “almost 15 percent.”

Government often by necessity and design moves slowly. However, this is one arena where being a hare is preferable to being a tortoise. Or, better yet, an ostrich with its head in the ground.

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