If I could have only one lure in my box? Safety pin spinnerbaits

Cory YarmuthYou can't ask for a more versitle lure than the spinnerbait.  These baits have evolved through the years but their basic style and design has remained the same.  A simple lead head with a skirt made from bucktail or rubber attached to a wire with a spinner blade or multiple spinner blades attached.

There is not a whole lot of technique to using these baits and this offers the novice a great way to catch gamefish of all sizes.  Spinnerbaits are great for northern pike, bass, crappies, walleyes and Muskies.

I know that the Alabama rig has become very popular as of late but if you take a closer look at the spinnerbait you will notice some similarities between the two baits as their concepts are the same.  The blades are added to increase the flash and vibration of the bait as well as make the bait look like an actual school of minnows. 

Given its versatility the spinnerbait can be found tied to at least one of my rods anytime I am in the boat.  Cloudy, sunny, rainy – anytime these baits can and will put fish in the boat. 

Look for an upcoming column in Outdoor News on this versatile and useful bait and you won't be disappointed.

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