Southern Minnesota lakes listed as infested with Asian carp; fish haven’t been found there, yet

Joe AlbertThough Asian carp have not  yet been caught in waters of southwestern Minnesota, the DNR has added several of them to its list of infested waters.

“We’ve made an effort to try and find some, but we haven’t sampled any to date,” said Ryan Doorenbos, DNR area fisheries supervisor in Windom.

According to a DNR press release sent out Thursday morning: “Another major concern is the discovery in southwestern Minnesota waters of Asian carp, which have moved up from the Missouri River. That has led to the designation of many water bodies in that area as infested with bighead and silver carp.

The designations and associated regulations, such as prohibiting the harvest of bait and transport of water from those waters, are intended to help contain the aquatic invasive species present in the designated waters. The harvest of bait from designated infested waters with invasive fish such as bighead and silver carp is prohibited for commercial and non-commercial use.”

Doorenbos emphasized that Asian carp have not actually been found in southwestern Minnesota waters. The fish are known to be in the watershed, and barriers that would prevent them from getting into some southern Minnesota waters aren’t 100 percent effective.

The DNR has added the following southwestern Minnesota lakes and water bodies to its infested waters list:

Bighead and silver carp – Indian Lake (Nobles County); Anderson’s Marsh, Clear Lake, Grovers Lake, Illinois Lake, Little Sioux River and its tributaries, Little Spirit Lake, Loon Lake, Loon Creek between

Loon Lake to Spirit Lake, Pearl Lake, Plum Lake, Round Lake, Rush Lake, Skunk Lake, Spirit Lake, West Fork of Little Sioux River and its tributaries, plus many unnamed lakes, and unnamed creeks and ditches connected to infested waters, all in Jackson County.

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