It’s a buck, it’s a doe . . . no, it’s Robo Deer

Pictured with the new decoy are (l-r):  Greg Zykan (Shola Creek Chapter President), Jim Blankenship (Committee Member), Matt Lentz (DNR CPO) and Brett Haas (Committee Member).It’s sort of like something you’d see in a Transformer movie. With the click of a remote control, the creature’s head turns, tail flicks and front foot stomps. It’s Robo Buck – and even his antlers are interchangeable, making him Robo Doe in the blink of an eye.

The newest version of this decoy is coming to a field near you this fall.

The Shoal Creek Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited just recently donated a full size robotic deer decoy to DNR Conservation Police Officer Matt Lentz to use to help apprehend poachers/violators and to help deter potential poachers/violators. The $1,900 decoy funded by local proceeds from the chapter’s annual banquet held at the Highland KC Hall in February and by a grant from the National organization of Whitetails Unlimited.

“Poachers take wildlife anywhere, anytime and they do so using the most unsporting methods,” Lentz said.  “It is difficult to have a law enforcement officer, a poacher and a wild animal at the same location at the same time… but by incorporating this robotic deer decoy, conservation police officers can do just that.” 

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