Recent rain (and snow) brought stream levels up Northcentral Report

Fishing Creek (Clinton County)

Water was low and clear and in the 50s April 28, and grannoms and Hendricksons were winding down. Tan caddisflies (16) were on, along with a few March browns and sulphurs (14-16). Lower than normal flow made for good dry fly-fishing. Hatches also included black midges (24), quill Gordons (12), and black stoneflies (14-16). Productive patterns included Grannom dry, olive Bird of Prey Caddis, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, black and golden Stoneflies, Zebra midges, Sulphur Parachutes, tan X-Caddis and Green WSeenies.

Curwensville Lake (Clearfield County)

Muskie anglers reported some nice releases in recent weeks, with a variety of baits from small spoons to crawlers productive. Perch, crappies and bass action was slow.

West Branch of the Susquehanna (Clearfield County)

Some large golden rainbow trout were reported between the Shaw library and the Raftsman’s Dam.

Sayers Lake (Centre County)

Perch and panfish were hitting on jigs and minnows.

Bald Eagle Creek (Centre County)

Trout were reported from Milesburg downstream to Sayers Lake.

Black Moshannon Creek (Centre County)

Trout were hitting on minnows and waxworms in recent weeks.

Colyer Lake (Centre County)

Shore anglers were catching bluegills on crawlers and minnows.

Spring Creek (Centre County)

Water was low, clear and in the 50s as of April 28, but the stream was fishing well. The blue-winged olive hatch (18-20) was just about over, but tan caddisflies (16-18) and sulphurs (14-16) were hatching, along with midges (22-26).

Penns Creek (Mifflin County)

Low, clear water in the 50s was reported April 28, and trout were feeding on top, with Tan Caddis (14-16), March Browns (10-14), and a few leftover Hendricksons (14) hatching. Sulphur and caddisfly nymphs also were effective, as were midges and Black Stoneflies (12-18). Sulphurs (14-16) were expected soon.  A few giant stoneflies (4-6) were spotted.

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