North Dakota's 2012 Season Opening Dates, Calendar of Events

Year – Around Seasons:

    Badger, fox, and coyote firearms, traps, archery, and pursue with hounds.
    Beaver and raccoon firearms, traps, archery, underwater cable device, and pursue with hounds (raccoons only).

For more information on seasons see our hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations.

May 2012

1: paddlefish snagging season opens
5-6: Becoming an Outdoors-Woman firearms safety, handling and self-awareness workshop, Riverdale Game and Fish Office
18: game warden exam

June 2012

2: free fishing day
3: free fishing day
6: deer gun and muzzleloader application deadline
15-17: Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Hike the Maah Daah Hey Trail, North Dakota Badlands

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