Ohio fishing license sales soaring

Jane BeathardAn abundance of warm spring days sent Ohio fishing license sales soaring this year, according to the Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife.

“An unusually warm spring is drawing increased numbers of anglers to Ohio’s streams and lakes,” said Vicki Ervin, the division’s communication manager.

Between March 1 and April 5, overall license sales were up 76.5 percent over the same period in 2011, records showed.

The division sold 148,626 licenses to 13 categories of anglers in the first five weeks of the 2011 fishing season. That number increased to 261,652 this year, including free licenses dispensed to disabled veterans and similar eligible groups.

Ohio resident fishing license sales were up from 109, 288 during the first five weeks of 2011 to 204,072 this year — an increase of more than 86 percent. Likewise, non-resident license sales increased from 5,552 to 8,755.

Even the Lake Erie charters benefited from good fishing weather. 

One-day charter licenses for both residents and non-residents stood at zero on April 5, 2011. On that same date this year, five residents and 181 non-residents had purchased charter licenses.

Overall, the state sold a total of 797,909 fishing licenses in 2011 and earned $14,002,365 in revenue from those sales.

However, the long-term trend in Ohio fishing license sales continues downward. During the 1980s, the state sold more than 1 million resident fishing licenses annually. Current annual sales are about half that number, records showed.

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