Fishing Report for Southeastern Utah April 12, 2012

ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (April 12) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway says that Blanding #4 is fishing very well and producing some nice-sized trout. Albino rainbow trout are plentiful and most anglers have been catching at least one each. PowerBait seems to work best best, but some anglers have had good luck with spinners. Bass fishing has also been picking up at Blanding #4. Spinners and crankbaits have worked very well for them. Fishing at Blanding #3 is getting hot. PowerBait and spinners are the tackle of choice. Virtually no one has fished Recapture Reservoir. The waters around Monticello haven't been producing many fish. The catch rate at Foy, Monticello, and Lloyds Lake hasn't been very good.

BENCHES POND: (April 12) The pond remains iced over.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (April 12) This pond is still covered with ice.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (April 12) The pond was stocked on March 28, 2012. Some of the trout were as large as 14–18 inches. Good fishing is expected, but unconfirmed. Try nightcrawlers, marshmallows, PowerBait or egg sacs. Good PowerBait colors are rainbow or chartreuse.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (April 12) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen reports that there's a foot or more of open water around the edges in some spots. The reservoir is too hazardous for further ice fishing.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (April 12) The lake is still covered in ice, but the ice is too thin to support anglers.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (April 09) We've receive reports from same anglers that fishing success is good, while others report slow fishing. Try using worms and PowerBait—chartreuse or rainbow PowerBait typically work well. If you're using a lure, try a Jake's Spin-A-Lure or Kastmaster.

HUNTINGTON CREEK: (April 12) The creek is fishable and fly fishermen have been doing well with small midge patterns. Dark patterns have been effective.

HUNTINGTON GAME FARM POND: (April 09) The pond has thawed and the gate is open. The carry-over fish in the pond should offer good fishing success.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (April 09) In recent weeks, anglers have reported good fishing success just off the dam. Anglers are primarily catching rainbow and brown trout.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (April 12) The reservoir is still covered in ice, but the ice is believed to be too thin to support anglers.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (April 12) The reservoir is ice-free and has been good with chubs along the west shoreline near the Seely Creek inflow.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (April 12) Conservation Officer Tj Robertson reports that fishing is good at Kens Lake. Fly fishermen from shore have done well with small dry flies. Bait fishermen are using marshmallows and salmon eggs. PowerBait colors in red, green and yellow have been the most effective. Mountain lakes remain inaccessible.

LOWER FISH CREEK: (April 12) Tom Ogden fly fished on April 11 and caught one brown trout and one cutthroat near the confluence of the White River and Lower Fish Creek. He used floating line and a size 12 bead head hare's ear. He weighted the line with a split shot to get the fly down into the holes.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (April 09) Tom Ogden fished from a kick boat on March 29 using a size 6 soft hackle fly in tan, green and pearl color combination. Tom's catch was 30 percent cutthroat trout and 70 percent rainbows trout. The reservoir is about 80 percent full and is rising slowly.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (April 12) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen says Scofield Reservoir is opening up. The Madsen Bay unit on the north side is open as of April 11. The boat ramp is accessible and watercraft may be launched, although the ice-free area is limited. There is open water around the dam cove and more than 200 yards of open water on the south end. Most of the shoreline around the reservoir is ice-free. Officer Christensen indicates that anglers have been doing well with redside shiners, worms and marshmallows. Rainbow trout have been biting rainbow PowerBait, Rapalas, Jakes lures and Kastmasters. Fly fishermen have been doing well with brown leech patterns.

On April 9, Tom Ogden fly-fished the southwest side in 6 to 10 feet of water. He used slow-sinking line and size 6-8 beadhead soft hackle flies in black/green/and pearl. Tom and his friend caught 14 trout, ranging from 8 to 15 inches long. Half of the catch was composed of cutthroats and half were rainbow trout.

Sergeant Stacey Jones reports that anglers have been doing well with fish eggs. Jones reminds fishermen that if they strip the eggs from a female trout, they must keep that fish as part of their daily bag limit. If they catch a cutthroat trout that is protected by the slot limit, they may not harvest their eggs. Protected cutthroats and tiger trout must be immediately returned to the water. Scofield Reservoir has special regulations. Please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook for details.


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