Arizona Fishing Report for April 3, 2012

Rory's tips

It's time to get into a stream fishing state of mind. This week we are stocking Tonto Creek, Christopher Creek, Haigler Creek and the East Verde River for the first time this year. These streams are all located below the Mogollon Rim just a short drive from Payson.

What's more, you can get maps of these streams on our new 2012 Summer Trout Stocking Schedule, and those maps will even show you the locations we stock. No kidding? Here is the full address:

Don't forget we also have a new interactive fishing map on our web site at I think it's fantastic to have some much quality information at your fingertips.

I even received a report from an angler who did well on Canyon Creek. It's always worth a visit. Because Canyon Creek is a little more off the beaten path, you won't typically see crowds of anglers, but you might just see an elk or a wild turkey coming down to water.

This week we are also stocking Wet Beaver Creek and West Clear Creek on the east side of the Verde Valley. And as usual, we are stocking Oak Creek.

To get to Beaver Creek, take the Sedona exit off Interstate 17 and instead of turning left toward Sedona, turn right (east) and you will come to Beaver Creek in just a few miles. In fact, if you keep going on that road (follow the signs), it will take you to West Clear Creek as well.

Ashurst Lake just east of Flagstaff is now open, accessible, and we are stocking it liberally this week with trout.

Here's a tip: we started stocking Kaibab Lake near Williams weeks ago, so even though the campground there isn't open yet, it might provide you some pretty good trout fishing. It's less than an hour drive to the Grand Canyon from Kaibab Lake and only minutes away from a staged daily gunfight at the old movie set at the Grand Canyon Railway Station.

Is Kaibab a great family fishing Lake? I reckon so.

Another superb place to fish right now is Lees Ferry. Check out their report below, including the one from a very happy angler. According to our biologists who actually do creel studies there, the Ferry is providing some of its best fishing in a decade or more. It's an Arizona fishing experience you won't want to miss, especially this year.

Here's a piece of news from my friend Wayne Gustaveson at Lake Powell — the bass spawn is underway. I've had some really great April fishing expeditions to Powell, and some really scary ones when weather and high winds visited. Powell is still my dream fishery of all time.

Lake Pleasant will be hosting the high school bass fishing championship this weekend (see article below). According to my good buddy Mike McFarland, who guides at Pleasant, the bass are on beds and the striped bass are feeding aggressively at times. Mike helps coach some of the high school anglers.

As a side note, the bald eagle nest, or actually nests this year, failed at Lake Pleasant so the Agua Fria Arm of the lake is now open to boat access.

We've had some reports of good crappie fishing at Roosevelt, Alamo and Bartlett recently, and one report of excellent crappie fishing at San Carlos. The main launch ramp at Bartlett opened Tuesday (see news article below). My old comrade in fishing, Mark Knapp, is back and will be giving us a weekly report from Alamo Lake each week. Welcome back pal.

By the way, it you are out at sunset this week look in the sky for a treat — Venus will pass directly in front of the Pleiades star cluster. According to NASA Science News, it's a rare sunset conjunction that's easy to find with the unaided eye, but best seen through binoculars or a small telescope.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and said howdy during our Game and Fish Expo last weekend, and an extra thanks to those who purchased our Arizona Fishing Guide and allowing me the privilege of autographing their books.

This is it, the great spring fishing. Go catch some memories. Maybe I'll see you out there.


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