Ohio DNR swamped with calls on umbrella rig

The Ohio Division of Wildlife's call center has been swamped with so many phone calls and emails from anglers seeking information on the legality of the 5-hook Umbrella/Alabama rig, the DOW has set up a special website to explain Ohio's angler regulations and ways to modify the rig.

"We are now referring folks to our new website link which explains it in detail," DOW spokeswoman Jamey Graham wrote in an email. "It is very helpful."

The umbrella rig is not legal under current Ohio regulations, which define an angler has someone fishing with no more than three hooks or no more than two hand lines or two fishing rods and lines. To be legal, anglers fishing with an umbrella five-wire rig, the DOW recommends using dummy bait or spinners in addition to no more than three baited hooks.

The high interest in the new fishing rig was characterized as a "newer fishing fad" where everyone is looking for an advantage in (fishing) derbies," said Rick Louttit, acting law enforcement supervisor in Akron.

For the DOW web link to the Umbrella/Alabama rig click here.

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