Special hunt procedure to be reviewed

A rule change to allow bona-fide, non-profit outdoor organizations conduct special hunts for young and handicapped hunters is pending before the Ohio General Assembly's Joint Committee for Agency Rule Review (JCARR).

Ken Fitz, acting administrator of law enforcement for the Ohio DNR's wildlife division, said the agency wants to streamline the permitting process for legitimate organizations and weed out the less legitimate. As a result, the division is proposing a modification of the state rule governing hunting seasons for game birds, game quadrupeds and furbearers.

That modification adds language to define a season when special permits may be issued.

Special deer hunts would be limited to the third weekend of October. Similar events for game birds (other than wild turkey or migratory birds) would be held between Sept. 1 and the last day of February annually.

Under the proposed rule modification, applications for special hunts must be received by the division no later than Aug. 1 on a form designated by the chief of wildlife.

Attendees of the division's March 3 open house events provided comments on the proposed change. JCARR will review it sometime between March 18 and April 11. The Ohio Wildlife Council will vote on the change at the group's April 4 meeting.

If approved, the modification will go into effect on July 1, 2012.

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