Asian carp aren't the only carp causing chaos

Seemingly forgotten amidst all the recent hub-bub over the state's deer herd and deer culling programs is the fact that Asian carp remain a threat to Illinois waters.

And apparently so do common carp.

Hennepin and Hopper Lakes have been closed to anglers in a "renewed effort to remove invasive common carp from the lakes," The Wetlands Initiative and DNR announced today in a joint statement.

A fish survey conducted by DNR fishery biologists last year identified a large number of common carp within the lakes, both of which are located along the Illinois River. TWI ecologists and other observers could see that the vegetation in the lakes was decreasing.

“Once the carp reach a tipping point, they begin to take over,” said Paul Botts, TWI's executive director. “We could see the vegetation vanishing before our eyes.”

TWI says that its next removal effort will directly address what remains of the drain tile system. The bulk of the de-watering operation, followed by DNR’s application of rotenone, will begin this summer.

Thus, public fishing will be disallowed.

Read more about the closings in the March 23 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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