Fishing Report for Central Utah, February 29, 2012

BURRASTON PONDS: (February 29) Conservation Officer Jay Topham reports fair to good fishing this week with various baits.

CANYON VIEW PARK POND: (February 29) The pond will open to fishing on April 1.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR: (February 29) Conservation Officer Orin Neal is telling anglers to stay off any ice at Deer Creek Reservoir. Four people recently fell through in the Charleston Bay area. Fishing is pretty good for rainbows in that area and from Charleston Bridge with yellow PowerBait. For current ice conditions, call Deer Creek State Park at 435-654-0171.

DIAMOND FORK RIVER: (February 29) You'll find fair fishing with flies, lures or worms. Fishing pressure is light. If you go up the canyon, the gates are locked in the Three Forks area.

GRANTSVILLE RESERVOIR: (February 29) The ice is gone, and the reservoir is nearly at its high-water capacity. That has improved access, especially for those who can't walk or need an easy way to reach the water's edge. Seasoned anglers are catching a lot of fish in the afternoons, using a fly and bubble retrieved slowly. PowerBait anglers report slow fishing. The fish are close to shore, so don't cast too far.

HIGHLAND GLEN PARK: (February 29) Fishing is slow, and there's a two-fish limit at the pond.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR: (February 29) Conservation Officer Orin Neal reports that fishing continues to be slow, and the ice appears to be safe in Rock Cliffs. Some shore anglers found open water on the Mayflower side, but they didn't catch anything.

KIDNEY POND: (February 29) Fishing is fair with traditional baits and lures.

LITTLE DELL RESERVOIR: (February 29) You may only use artificial flies and lures at this reservoir. All cutthroat trout must be immediately released.

MANILA CREEK POND (February 29) You'll find slow to fair fishing with traditional baits.

MIDAS POND: (February 29) Fishing is fair with traditional baits.

MILL HOLLOW RESERVOIR: (February 29) Winter conditions restrict vehicle access, and the gate is closed. Please email a report to if you snowmobile into this water to fish.

NINE MILE RESERVOIR: (February 29) The reservoir is about three feet away from full, and ice covers only around 10 percent of the surface. Fly angler Tom Ogden reports that fishing is fair to good. A few midges are coming off in the afternoon, but there is not much surface action from the fish. Some fish are up to 20 inches long, and many of the fish are full of snails.

PALISADE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (February 29) The water is mostly open — very little ice remains. Fishing is fair, and anglers have recently caught some large trout.

PAYSON LAKE: (February 29) Conservation Officer Shawn Bagley reports that the access gate in the canyon is still closed.

PROVO RIVER, LOWER: (February 29) Reminder: Utah Lake tributaries west of I-15 are closed to angling from March 1 through 6 a.m. on May 5. Above I-15, fly anglers report fair to good fishing for trout with small dark patterns. Midges seem to be the preferred pattern this week. Bait is allowed in some stretches of the river. Please see the Utah Fishing Guidebook for the special regulations on the river.

PROVO RIVER, MIDDLE: (February 29) Small, dark fly patterns are working fairly well, especially on warmer mornings. Bait is allowed from above Charleston Bridge to the Legacy Bridge. Harvest of legal-sized fish is encouraged. Please see the Utah Fishing Guidebook for the special regulations on the river.

SALEM POND: (February 29) Conservation Officer Shawn Bagley reports fair fishing for trout this week. Most anglers are using PowerBait.

SETTLEMENT CANYON RESERVOIR: (February 29) The reservoir is 80-percent ice free and full. Fishing pressure is steady, but there's not much action. One angler was seen catching and releasing several fish, using a gold spinner.

SILVER LAKE: (February 29) There weren't any reports of anglers on the ice.

SPANISH OAKS RESERVOIR: (February 29) The reservoir opens on March 1.

SPRING LAKE: (February 29) Anglers report fair to good open-water fishing for trout with traditional baits and lures. Worms are a good bet.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR: (February 29) Conservation Officer Hollie Riddle reports that fishing was good over the weekend. Anglers caught a few big cutthroat trout near the main marina. The ice is thick, but there's a top layer of slush in a few areas. Strawberry Project Leader Alan Ward reports that he ice-fished on his day off and did pretty well. He and another angler caught about 15 fish in three hours of fishing. There were three rainbows and 12 cutthroats. They fished in 30–40 feet of water with small glow-in-the-dark jig heads tipped with PowerBait. They had to move a couple of times before finding a spot that produced fish. Don't be afraid to move around if you're not catching fish. The ice thickness (actual clear ice, not including snow and slush) varied from 8 to 16 inches. Many lots (Strawberry Marina, Mud Creek, Chicken Creek East, the Ladders, etc.) are being plowed, but access on unplowed roads is currently difficult, if not impassable, due to recent drifting snow. There are special regulations in effect at Strawberry: the limit is four trout or kokanee salmon in the aggregate. No more than two may be cutthroat trout under 15 inches, and no more than one may be a cutthroat trout over 22 inches. All cutthroat trout from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released. Trout and salmon may not be filleted, and the heads or tails may not be removed in the field or in transit. Check the Utah Fishing Guidebook for more regulations. For help differentiating the Bear Lake cutthroat trout from the rainbow trout, visit

THISTLE CREEK: (February 29) There aren't many anglers at the creek, and the brown trout fishing is fair with worms or flies.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR: (February 29) Most of the reservoir is open water. Fish have been sipping midges and other bugs on the surface. Anglers report fair fishing with bait.

UTAH LAKE: (February 29) Reminder: Utah Lake tributaries west of I-15 are closed to angling from March 1 through 6 a.m. on May 5. Conservation Officer Chris Rhea reports that fishing is slow on the north end of the lake. Stay off any existing ice. Fishing is also slow on the Jordan River. Officer Shawn Bagley reports that the harbors now have mostly open water, and anglers are catching some white bass in the southern part of the lake.

VERNON RESERVOIR: (February 29) The reservoir is still 80 percent frozen. The ice remains safe, and it's about eight inches thick. There is a lot of fishing pressure on the weekends, with anglers catching a few fish here and there. If you want a little quiet time, very few people are at the reservoir during the middle of the week. Experienced ice anglers do fine at Vernon, but it can be difficult to catch fish here.

VIVIAN PARK POND: (February 29) Fishing is slow in the open-water portions of this small pond.

WILLOW POND: (February 29) Conservation Officer Mike Roach reports that most Salt Lake community fishing ponds were stocked with fish this week. You'll find good fishing with traditional baits and lures.

YUBA RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (February 29) There aren't many anglers at Yub. Fishing is slow, and ice safety is questionable. For up-to-date ice conditions, call the state park at 435-758-2611.

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