NJ: Conservation Education Program Offered

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife is inviting schools and teachers to incorporate the exciting Trout in the Classroom (TIC) program into their classrooms as part of a multi-faceted curriculum offering that can help develop a respect and better understanding of New Jersey’s expansive natural offerings and the importance of conservation.


Trout in the Classroom is a science-based program that teaches children about the importance of coldwater conservation through a hands-on approach to learning. Schools participating in the program receive brook trout eggs in mid-October from the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Pequest State Trout Hatchery


The prestigious “Youth Education Award” from the Jersey Coast Anglers Association was recently awarded to New Jersey Trout Unlimited (NJTU) for its continuing efforts with youth education with respect to cold water conservation. The award specifically recognizes the TIC program and the Coldwater Conservation School, which are both administered by the DEP’s Division of Fish and Wildlife and carried out with NJTU financial and volunteer member support.


The Division of Fish and Wildlife has expanded the TIC program to nearly 120 schools in New Jersey through its partnership with NJTU. The state’s first Coldwater Conservation School was conducted in 2010 and New Jersey’s school is already one of the most successful and largest of its kind in the nation.


For more information on TIC, as well as a link to Coldwater Conservation School information, see the DEP news release at http://www.nj.gov/dep/newsrel/2012/12_0017.htm .


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