District 1 investigator earns award

Kandy Klosterman, an investigator with the Ohio DNR’s District
One wildlife office, was recently named Ohio Wildlife Officer Of
The Year for 2010 by Safari Club International (SCI).

SCI’s Tony Gioffre presented Klosterman with her award at the
Jan. 4 meeting of the state wildlife council. Although Klosterman
was aware of the recognition in the summer of 2011, official
presentation was delayed, pending a possible reassignment of the

Klosterman began her career with the Ohio DNR in 1994 as a
wildlife area volunteer. She became a wildlife officer at-large in
central Ohio in 1999 and was later assigned on a regular basis to
Lucas County. In 2001, Klosterman was named Ohio’s first female
wildlife investigator.

“Throughout her career, she’s been an outstanding enforcement
officer,” said Leighland Arehart, law enforcement supervisor in the
District One wildlife office.

Over the last 10 years, Klosterman worked a wide spectrum of
cases, including stream pollution incidents, hunter injuries,
threats to endangered species and field enforcement of state
wildlife law.

“She’s been an asset by virtue of her experience and dedication
as an officer, co-worker and partner to outside agencies,” Arehart

SCI recognizes the work of one Ohio wildlife officer annually.
Klosterman’s award makes her eligible for additional SCI


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