SD: Governor Lifts No-Wake Zone on Lake Sharpe

PIERRE, S.D. – The no-wake zone that was established on the
upper reaches of Lake Sharpe to protect shoreline homes and private
property from flood waters has been rescinded by Gov. Dennis
Daugaard, effective immediately.

The no-wake zone affected just those waters located between the
island immediately upstream from the railroad bridge between Pierre
and Fort Pierre and the western shore of the Missouri River. Buoys
that had marked the no-wake zone have been removed.

High water levels caused by summer flooding have receded enough
that damage to homes and property is no longer a concern on that
portion of Lake Sharpe.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department officials are
asking boaters to remain cautious, however, because higher than
normal water levels, changes in the river channel, sandbars,
underwater hazards and floating debris may persist on portions of
the Missouri River.


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