Post-turnover casting tactics

Casting is very productive for fall walleyes, but I don’t see
many people doing it. The same summer rules apply: Position your
boat so you can cast at angles toward structure, vary your
retrieve, and work with different colors and styles of

Boat control is always important, and it needs to be very precise
this time of year. You can’t go out haphazardly. Try working into
the wind, then drifting back down along structure.

Rod a key for jigging and rigging

Finally, think about your rod when jigging or live-bait rigging in
fall. Keep it to a 7 foot maximum, in medium action, to help you
get good hooksets. A light, sensitive tip is a key asset for
detecting light biters.

Fall walleye fishing remains an underworked aspect of the
out-of-doors. You can really haul fish during the fall – numbers
and size.

Keep just enough fish for the frying pan!

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