IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 18

Region I

A District 1 CPO, while checking an area that has had problems of
people blocking the road and access to the Hennepin Canal, found a
car parked in a no parking area. Two of the subjects were found who
had ridden in the car; both did not have a valid driver’s license.
The female subject stated that her boyfriend had driven the car but
had gone to get drinks. She thought he had gone back to Rock Falls.
This was 20 minutes farther than the closet convenience store. The
subject arrived after about 45 minutes after many conversations
giving the boyfriend directions. Once the boyfriend arrived he was
interviewed if he had actually driven the car there and if so why
he had not remembered the way there, the boyfriend responded, “I’m
missing part of my brain and I could not remember how to get here.”
After a brief interview the subject stated, “Okay, I will tell you
the truth, I am missing part of my brain, but I did not drive
here.” His girlfriend had driven there. The CPO told him that he
believed him. The girlfriend gave the CPO false information but he
was able to get her correct information and found she had a warrant
for her arrest. The female was arrested for the warrant, driving
while revoked, and parking in a prohibited area. She was taken to
the county jail.

While conducting an unassigned water patrol along the Pecatonica
River, a CPO encountered several subjects on a pontoon boat. While
conducting a boat safety inspection, the CPO discovered that an
11-year-old child was not wearing a personal flotation device as
required by law. The inspection also revealed that the fire
extinguisher wasn’t in serviceable condition and the boat
registration numbers were not displayed as required by law. He
issued a citation for the PFD violation and a written warning for
the remaining violations.

A CPO responded to a call of individuals diving off of a rented
boat and swimming in Olson Lake outside of the designated
lifeguarded swimming area. The group figured it was cheaper to
split the cost of renting a paddle boat and swim in the middle of
the lake than it was for each person to pay $3 to swim at the swim
beach; that is until the person who rented the paddle boat was
cited under the state park administrative rule for unlawful

A CPO responded to a complaint from a Hillsdale farmer of Illegal
duck hunting on his property. The farmer discovered duck and goose
decoys in the water on a wetlands area of the farm. The farmer
stated he did not give anybody permission to hunt the area. A name
and number was discovered on the decoys. This subject was located
200 miles away in Moultrie County. The CPO interviewed him. The
subject stated he quit hunting four years prior and sold all his
decoys at a garage sale. The subject appeared credible. It’s
unknown at this time how the decoys got to where they were located
or who was using them.

While working a boating detail on the Rock River in Whiteside
County, two District 1 CPOs stopped a pontoon boat for an
inspection after receiving information from another CPO that the
operator of the pontoon had consumed a large amount of alcohol and
had backed the boat into some rocks while leaving a popular
sandbar. During the inspection, the operator had very glassy,
bloodshot eyes and had a strong odor of alcohol. The operator was
given field sobriety tests and arrested for OUI. The subject
submitted to a breath test which showed his BAC to be 0.215

While working along the Rock River, a CPO located three subjects
using a trammel net and a casting net to take game fish. Both nets
were seized, and five citations were issued to the three

A CPO arrested five subjects in Illinois Canyon of Starved Rock
State Park. The five subjects were in a restricted area of the
canyon and were cited for unlawful entry into restricted

A District 1 CPO was on foot patrol at Lowden State Park when he
observed a group of five campers drinking alcohol in an area where
it is unlawful to possess alcohol. As the CPO entered the campsite
to address the alcohol violation, he observed a small device
commonly used to grind cannabis on the ground next to one of the
subject’s feet. The CPO opened the device and discovered a small
amount of cannabis. When questioned, the group stated they had
rolled blunts earlier. A further inspection resulted in the
discovery of another camper possessing a bag containing cannabis in
his pocket. The cannabis and alcohol were seized, and two of the
campers were arrested for possession of cannabis and possession of
alcohol and the other three received citations for the unlawful
possession of alcohol.

Issues have arisen of subjects accessing a swimming area on private
property by walking along the Hennepin Canal. The biggest issue has
been parking along the canal and blocking the access and blocking
traffic along the roadway. Signs were posted and warnings have been
issued leading to other enforcement.

CPOs were escorting a group of individuals who were illegally off
of the marked trails (also in possession of alcohol and drugs) to
the parking lot at Starved Rock State Park when one CPO noticed
four more individuals that were off of the marked trails at Starved
Rock State Park. The males were seen near the bluffs edge of a
canyon after it had just rained. The CPO observed the group and
informed them that they were in a restricted area. The CPO located
cannabis and drug paraphernalia on two males. They were cited for
the violations, fingerprinted in the parking lot, and released on

Region II

A CPO arrested a boat operator for OUI on the Fox River in Kane
County. The CPO was conducting boat ramp inspections when the
operator approached the ramp. A registration and safety equipment
inspection was conducted. During the inspection, the operator
showed signs of impairment. The operator failed the field sobriety
testing and was arrested. The operator refused to submit to breath

A CPO arrested a Latin King gang member in the Chain O’ Lakes State
Park on a Illinois Department of Corrections no bail, no bond
warrant for parole violations. The subject was also arrested for
obstructing identification. He was transported to the Lake County

Region III

A CPO cited a Mclean County subject for unlawful sale of aquatic
life (shad) without having a retail aquatic life dealers license
after he saw an advertisement while on patrol.

A CPO arrested two subjects for operating under the influence of
alcohol while on boat patrol at Clinton Lake. One subject, from
Bloomington, had a BAC of 0.093 and had been previously arrested at
Clinton Lake for operating under the influence. The second subject,
from Fairbury, had a BAC of 0.11.

While on vehicle patrol, a CPO arrested a Danville man for driving
while his license was suspended. A check of the subject’s driver’s
license revealed that he also had an active warrant for driving
while license suspended in Tazewell County.

A district sergeant and CPO arrested a Watseka man for operating
under the influence of alcohol while on boat patrol at Lake
Shelbyville. The subject had a BAC of 0.156.

A district sergeant and CPO arrested a Decatur man for operating
under the influence while on boat patrol at Lake Shelbyville. The
subject refused to take a breath test.

A CPO was called to a Mattoon man who was passed out under a
running shower in Wolf Creek State Park. The CPO arrested the
subject and his brother for possession of drug paraphernalia and

A CPO made contact with a Beecher City man with unleashed dogs in
Hidden Springs SF and also arrested him for possession of 2.5 to 10
grams of cannabis.

CPOs responded to a complaint of a Cerro Gordo man in the women’s
shower in Eagle Creek State Park. The subject was cited.

Region IV

A CPO and Missouri water patrol officer recovered a body floating
down the Mississippi River at Batchtown. The body was turned over
to the Lincoln County coroner. The body has not been

A district sergeant arrested a subject on a motorcycle for DUI
after the subject almost struck a guard rail.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI after conducting a boat safety
inspection. The subject had a blood alcohol level of 0.098.

A district sergeant used his moving radar to determine the speed of
a subject driving through the city of Jerseyville. The subject was
trying to elude county and city police. The subject was traveling
80 mph in a 30- mph zone. The pursuit by police was terminated. The
district sergeant was not pursuing the subject but located the
subject upside down in a cornfield three miles after the pursuit
was terminated. The subject was not injured and was turned over to
the Illinois State Police.

A CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident that
occurred in the Grafton area. The female subject dislocated her
knee when she was thrown from a wave runner. The CPO had the
hospital draw blood on the subject since there was evidence of her
possibly being under the influence. A district sergeant was at the
scene and interviewed a male subject who was a passenger. He was
arrested for under age consumption. His blood alcohol level was

Region V

A CPO investigated a complaint called into the Perry County
Sheriff’s Office. A DuQuoin man was allegedly in possession of a
mounted bobcat. It was determined that the bobcat was a road kill
in Missouri. The owner provided documentation from Missouri DNR
legally reporting and claiming the bobcat.

A CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident on Kinkaid

A CPO conducted a boat inspection on an overloaded boat at Kinkaid
Lake. He discovered the operator to be under the influence of
alcohol. The operator was taken to Jackson County jail to be
processed and bonded.

CPOs assisted a stranded boater on Kinkaid Lake. The engine on
their 24-foot cabin cruiser would run but would die every time it
was put in gear. The boat and passengers were towed back to the

A CPO responded to a call of possible lost boater on Devils Kitchen
Lake. When he arrived at the lake, he discovered the lost boaters
were just returning to the boat ramp. The lost boaters were not
lost but had decided to stay out a little later fishing without
informing their wives who had reported them lost. In addition, one
of the boaters was arrested on an outstanding failure to appear
warrant out of Union County.

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