IL: DNR manager resigns after ethics investigation

Belleville, Ill. – A DNR employee who is also the son of a
former DNR director has been allowed to resign from his position in
wake of accusations that he violated agency policies, including
sleeping on the job.

Scott Flood, of Belleville, had been regional land manager for DNR,
a job that included overseeing state parks in western Illinois.
Scott Flood is the son of Sam Flood, a former DNR director and
Democratic heavyweight in St. Clair County.

In a report, the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission said that
Scott Flood slept during the work day, conducted personal business
during working hours, failed to inform DNR of outside business
interests and use his state cellular phone, vehicle and other
equipment for personal interests.

Based upon the evidence, the ethics commission “recommends that
Scott Flood be discharged with no right to reinstatement with any
state agency…” the commission stated in its report sent to DNR in
January. But DNR allowed Flood to resign effective July 15, which
allows him to be vested in the State Employees Retirement System
and can collect a pension when he reaches a certain age.

Flood, 49, told the Belleville News-Democrat on July 6 that he
“didn’t feel that I was treated very well, and it’s unfortunate
that this action was taken.”

DNR chief of staff Jay Curtis told the News-Democrat that
negotiations between DNR and Flood had been taking place for months
following a report from the ethics commission in January. The
commission’s report shows that Flood’s actions and work habits were
being looked at as far back as the summer of 2009.

According to the commission’s report, on July 22, 2009, “Mr. Flood
left work at 12:58 p.m. and spent approximately two hours at a
private residence before arriving at his own home… The private
residence was that of his father.”

The commission also reported that Flood used his DNR vehicle to
drive his girlfriend and to transport his boat.

As for the allegations of sleeping on the job, the commission’s
report says that a fellow DNR employee claimed he witnessed Flood
sleeping in his office.

Sam Flood was named DNR acting director by former Gov. Rod
Blagojevich in 2005, then became assistant director in 2009.

Curtis told the News-Democrat that Flood became vested on May 5,
five days before he agreed to resign.

“We had to take into account that he had an attorney who was
willing to litigate this. We came up with the best possible
solution we could,” Curtis said.

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