Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 14

Region I

A District 7 CPO was conducting Operation Warm Weather/Cold Water
watercraft compliance safety checks. The CPO’s intent was to ensure
the boaters had the proper safety equipment and to inform them of
cold water precautions. The CPO observed a small two-person
watercraft going along the shore line. Two large males were aboard
and the watercraft appeared have an inch or less of free board. The
CPO conducted the compliance check and informed the operator that
the capacity plate rated the watercraft for 550 pounds. The
individuals each weighed approximately 300 pounds and with the gear
they were approximately 150-200 pounds overweight. The CPO then
instructed them that any wave could capsize the watercraft and
cause them to fall overboard. The individuals agreed to leave the
water, and no enforcement action was taken.

As part of Operation Warm Weather/Cold Water, a District 1 CPO
patrolled the Hennepin Canal and Johnson Sauk Trail State
Recreation Area. Several watercrafts were inspected. One of the
operators commented how he had been checked by the CPO before and
he was issued a citation for a PFD violation. However this time he
was very proud to show the CPO he had “every requirement covered.”
And while traveling to another fishing area along the Hennepin
Canal, the CPO heard the noise of a possible traffic crash. The CPO
responded and found a boat trailer on the asphalt behind the truck
pulling it. It was the operator who had just commented on his
preparedness. The trailer came off the ball hitch at the railroad
tracks and came crashing down. There was minimal damage to the
truck or trailer. With the assistance of another citizen, the owner
and CPO were able to put the trailer back on the ball hitch.

A District 1 CPO investigated the illegal dumping of two dead
horses on the Byron Forest Preserve. The owner of the horses was
located and issued a citation for the illegal dumping and a
citation for the unlawful disposal of livestock animals.

A CPO investigated a hunting accident. The accident occurred while
the guide was guiding a client at a licensed outfitter in Bureau
County for turkeys. The guide had gotten the truck stuck that
morning, so he and the client were discussing plans for the guide
to go back and get a tractor to pull the truck out. A turkey
suddenly gobbled, the client slid down a hill about 10 yards. The
client called the turkey several times and saw the turkey appear
out of range. At this time the guide used a gobble call from a
location behind the client about 15 yards. The client thought the
guide was back at the house to get the tractor. The client thought
the guide moving in the brush was a turkey because of the gobble
call. The client shot and hit the guide with Hevi Shot at 15 yards.
Luckily for the guide the client hit a tree with part of the shot
and was shooting through heavy brush which blocked a lot of the
shot. Guide was treated at the hospital for 18 shot pellets to his
upper arm and scalp.

A CPO was checking sport fishermen on the Hennepin Canal when a
subject was observed fishing. As the CPO approached to check for a
fishing license, the subject approached him a distance away from
his fishing location. After checking the subject’s fishing license,
the CPO went to the area the subject was fishing and a largemouth
bass was found that was 12.5 inches, under the 14-inch limit. The
subject was issued a citation for possession of an undersized bass,
the fish was photographed and returned to the canal.

While a CPO was checking sport fishermen on the Hennepin Canal, a
subject was found without a fishing license. A driver’s license
check found that the subject was wanted on two warrants from Peoria
and Tazewell counties. The subject was transported to the Bureau
County Jail.

Region II

CPOs were conducting boat inspections on the Chain O’ Lakes on a
relatively slow afternoon. They observed a boat with three
subjects, two of whom were fishing. While checking licenses and
safety equipment, the operator of the watercraft opened a
compartment directly in front of them, and the CPOs observed a
metal smoking pipe in plain view. The operator quickly tried to
hide the pipe and then closed the compartment. The CPOs informed
him to open the compartment and hand them the pipe. Then while one
CPO was checking the subject through State Police, the operator
tried to pass his brother, who was seated in the passenger seat
beside him, an orange waterproof container with several keys. The
container was taken and inside was six small plastic bags of a
white powder, later field tested as cocaine. The brother and other
passenger were searched and taken to shore. The operator was
subsequently arrested for operation of a watercraft while under the
influence of alcohol (BAC 0.111) and possession of cocaine. The
boat was searched prior to being towed and a glasses case in front
of the operator yielded another small bag of cocaine and a small
plastic bag of cannabis. A fanny pack containing two additional
bags of cannabis was also found.

A CPO responded to a Lake County sheriff’s complaint of a dispute
between fishermen on a boat and patrons outside a bar along the Fox
River. An argument ensued over the bar patrons playing fetch with
their dog in a manner causing the dog to swim up to and around the
boat. One bar patron took offense to the boaters trying to scare
the dog away and threw a cigarette ash bucket at the boat and
struck one boater in the thigh. There were no serious injuries but
the subject who threw the bucket was charged with battery.

A CPO arrested two Skokie men for attempting to take Canada Geese
along the Fox River. The men were observed shooting at geese and
goslings along the river. It was discovered that they were shooting
at the geese with an air-powered paintball gun. The younger of the
two men was surprised that harassment of geese was problematic,
stating, “It’s a crime to shoot at ducks?” When asked why they were
shooting at the geese, the man replied, “They looked bored.”

CPOs arrested three individuals for possession of cannabis during
an IDOT detail at Illinois Beach State Park.

A CPO cited a fisherman for failure to release a smallmouth bass
during the closed season at the Montgomery Dam.

A CPO arrested an individual at Illinois Beach State Park for
possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and
possession of alcohol in a restricted area. The lady was also
wanted on a warrant for failure to appear for possession of
cannabis. She was taken into custody and transported to the Lake
County Jail.

A CPO was working an IDOT detail and observed a passenger in a
truck throw out a beer can. When he activated his emergency lights,
the driver and front seat passenger switched places. Both subjects
were arrested for driving without a license, illegal transportation
of alcohol, and the initial passenger was cited for littering. Open
alcohol was also located inside the vehicle.

Region III

A CPO received a complaint from the Champaign County Humane Society
regarding a Champaign man possessing an American alligator as a
pet. The CPO investigated and found the man to indeed have an
American alligator illegally. The CPO arrested the subject for
unlawful possession on an endangered species.

A CPO investigated a hunting accident that occurred in Vermilion
County. The victim had been turkey hunting with his girlfriend when
the accident occurred. The victim got up to move his turkey decoy
when he was shot by a .243 cal rifle round. The victim was hit in
the wrist with the round. The shooter had been coyote hunting in
the area and had seen a coyote in the same area as the turkey
hunters. When he saw the movement of the turkey hunter relocating
his decoy, the coyote hunter thought it was the coyote he had seen
earlier and shot, hitting the turkey hunter.

Acting on a tip, a CPO made a warrant arrest at Weldon Springs
State Park. The CPO was notified that an underage drinking party
was going on at the park and was attended by a subject wanted on
two warrants. CPOs and a district sergeant also investigated.
Contact was made with the lady who rented the picnic shelter for
the party. She advised that there was no underage drinking and
advised that the wanted subject was not present. She reiterated
this by saying, “He is my nephew and I know what he looks like. He
isn’t here.” The wanted subject was quickly found at the picnic and
arrested on active warrants for battery and assault. Upon an
incidental search, he was found in possession of drug paraphernalia
and is facing that additional charge. The aunt is facing
obstructing justice charges.

CPOs responded to an underage drinking complaint at Mascoutin State
Recreation Area campground. When they arrived, they found the
occupants of the site were the complainants. They wanted to turn in
two underage visitors who were drinking at their campsite. They
also wanted the subjects removed from the site due to their

A CPO was called to a disruptive subject in the tent camping area
of Kickapoo State Park. The man was threatening to kill himself. He
was involuntarily admitted to the hospital. The CPO also found him
in possession of drug paraphernalia and is seeking charges for

A CPO was called to assist a subject that had a nesting pair of
kestrels on his home. The subject complained that every time he
left his home, the kestrels became aggressive and attacked him. The
CPO referred him to a wildlife biologist.

A CPO assisted with a bi-polar female who was standing alongside
I-57. She left the car she was riding in and refused to get back

Region IV

A CPO arrested a Brown County resident for shooting a deer out of
season. The subject shot the deer from the roadway, while he was
sitting in his truck. The subject confessed to his actions after a
short interview. He stated he wanted to see what his rifle could
do. He made no attempt to retrieve the young buck that was in

A CPO arrested a subject for fishing without a license. While
checking his information he found the subject had a revoked
driver’s license. The CPO continued checking fishermen after
completing the citation. Approximately 10 minutes later, he
observed the subject driving a vehicle. The CPO stopped the subject
and found him in possession of an open can of beer. Sobriety tests
were performed by the subject and the CPO arrested him for DUI and
the open alcohol. The CPO ran the vehicle on his MDC and found the
registered owner was wanted on two warrants. The CPO told the
subject he was going to tow the vehicle and the subject requested
the chance to call the owner. The registered owner showed up to
claim her vehicle and the CPO arrested her for the warrants and for
allowing the other subject to drive after she admitted to knowing
he was revoked.

A CPO worked two boat patrols at Holiday Shores in Madison County
with the shore patrol officers. The CPO arrested two subjects for
OUI, one subject for underage consumption, and others for boating

Region V

A CPO handled a lightning strike incident. During a brief severe
thunderstorm, three swimmers on Kinkaid Lake were shocked by a
nearby lightning strike. The individuals were getting ready to get
out of the water when lightning struck. The individuals felt the
shock and immediately were pulled from the water by family members
and friends. The two juveniles and an adult were taken to St.
Joseph’s Memorial Hospital for electrical shock. The two juveniles
were later transported to Cardinal Glennon Hospital for treatment.
The adult discharged himself from St. Joseph’s.

A CPO and an intern responded to a reported home invasion and
shooting in Rural Fayette County and were the first unit on scene.
Upon arrival the victim was under a door and unresponsive. The CPO
cleared the scene and had the ambulance treat the victim. The
victim was flown out and interviewed. The story did not match up
with the details on the scene and the victim admitted to shooting
his dog and then himself before calling in the false report.

A CPO is conducting an abandoned boat investigation concerning a
kayak found on the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau. The
subject who now has the kayak told the CPO his grandfather found
the kayak which was loaded with camping equipment almost five years
ago. The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO assisted the Williamson County sheriff’s office with a
suspected child abduction from the Crab Orchard Refuge campground.
The child and suspect abductors-family members of the complainant
were located in Herrin. The child was fine and a follow-up
investigation into the circumstances of this incident is

A CPO caught two separate groups “snagging” fish below the Rend
Lake spillway.

CPOs arrested two subjects for digging ginseng out of season,
without permission and without a license. These two are well known
as one just came off revocation in March and the other is currently
revoked until 2013.

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