Remembering, and Memorializing, Slain Game Wardens

The Minnesota DNR on Monday formally dedicated a memorial to
three Minnesota game wardens killed more than 70 years ago.

The memorial is at the DNR’s regional office in New Ulm.

More than 80 conservation officers from around the state attended
the dedication, and at least that many other people did, too.
Family members of two of the three slain wardens were on hand,

Following is the text of the Col. Jim Konrad’s address at the
dedication. Konrad is director of the DNR’s Enforcement

Almost 71 years have passed since the killing of Marcus,
Melvin and Dudley in Waterville. We have made many gains in all
those passing years, but one of the things that have not changed is
the danger that goes along with enforcing the game and fish and
recreation laws of Minnesota.

As it was the many years ago that these three wardens left to visit
the commercial fisherman on Lake Sakatah, there is still no
guarantee that a Conservation Officer who leaves his home in the
morning will return at the end of the day. But yet, each day, our
officers put on the uniform and go in the name of conservation, to
ensure the safe and fair enjoyment of our state’s resources by its

The death of these three men in 1940 serve to remind us that there
is a cost beyond dollars and cents that goes to preserving our
natural resources for future generations.

We remember these wardens as an example of the risks we take but
also as a reminder of the value we place on preserving the
resources for future citizens of this state, that we would ask our
officers to chance the ultimate sacrifice so that others may enjoy
the beauty and bounty of Minnesota’s outdoors.

We also celebrate the fact that the death of these men changed
resource law enforcement in Minnesota for the better, resulting in
the arming of our officers and putting them on an equal standing
with the violators.

We must also acknowledge the sacrifices the families of these
fallen officers have given. The families must face great hardships
and carry the memories of the events for the rest of their lives.
The families will never forget, neither should we. This memorial
will help us keep their memory close and remind us each time we
visit the regional office, of them and the others that have gone
before us.

I have been to Washington, DC and touched the engravings of these
three warden’s names on the granite walls of the National Law
Enforcement Officers Memorial. I have also touched the names of the
other 12 Minnesota game wardens that are on those walls and give a
prayer of thanks that those numbers have not grown in recent

Today we remember the sacrifice of Marcus Whipps, Melvin Holt and
Dudley Brady, and their families, and pray that there will be no
more like it.


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