Arizona Wildfires Rage on: Wildlife Impacted

Arizona is currently experiencing one of its worst wildfire
seasons on record. There’s the Wallow Fire in eastern Arizona,
which began on May 29 and continues to burn. And two other major
wildfires are burning in the state: the Horseshoe Two Fire, which
began May 8 in the southeast part of the state; and the Murphy
Fire, which began May 30 in the southern part of the state.

Arizona is extremely dry and at high risk for more wildfires
until summer monsoon rains arrive.

Hunters, anglers, wildlife watchers and other outdoor
recreationists will undoubtedly have questions about what impact
the fires will have on wildlife, hunting, fishing and outdoor
recreational opportunities in those areas. Arizona Game and Fish
Department has developed a new web page with evolving information
on this.

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