Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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A cold, dead turkey beats a warm bed any day!

At 3 a.m. Sunday my alarm went off and I pondered for a few minutes. Why in tarnation am I getting out of my warm bed to sit in the bitterly cold wind? After a few moments, I reluctantly dressed in layers and then drove for one hour and 17 minuets to my pal Keri Butt's house. My first turkey hunting trip is planned for mid-May. I was lucky to get an invite from Keri and her brother, Jason, to tag along to learn some of the basics before my first hunt. I am now aware of the differences between a jake, tom and hen. "Don't shoot the hens," Jason said.

A drab hunt can turn into one of the best in moments. We were about to pack up the blind after we heard the gobblers head in the other direction. The gun was unloaded and set outside the blind. Suddenly, three toms made a bold appearance about 50 yards away. Somehow, Jason was able to get the gun inside the blind and loaded just in time to get a good shot. I am completely taken by the sounds and interaction we had with the turkeys. One loud pop and the tom dropped. I heard that if a turkey could smell, you would never kill one. I could not believe the other two stuck around for so long after they saw their buddy drop. Although a turkey may be wary of humans, they are not very bright. The warm bed was nice, but I would have missed out on an unforgettable memory.

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