Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Time to climb into the political fray

I believe the biggest downer from today’s political fights is
their impact on our attitudes. It is difficult these days to be
positive about things, even outdoors events, decisions and

Many of us go outdoors on hikes, hunts and fishing to get away from
the fray or the battle royale.

It seems even when the fishing boat is rocking gently on the
Mississippi River waves or the birds are vocal near the turkey
blind, one’s mind remembers the mean-spiritedness, egotistic
attitudes, and aura of arrogance of a political face on television.
Those things prevail far too much of the time.

One wonders if it is time to draw back and hide from this storm or
face the constant sleet of negativity and try to make a difference,
at least try to provide an idea or an opinion, which might be

I’m reminded of a newly-elected state Assemblyman who was quoted in
a local newspaper that he voted this way or that because the last
person he talked to had very strong feelings in a certain
direction. He said he voted the opposite way because of what she
told him.

What a way to make a decision! Of course I really don’t believe the
Assemblyman, but it was an interesting way to put the blame back on
the public.

Rumors suggest that we are continuing to move farther and farther
away from science in dealing with outdoors issues and closer and
closer to me-first choices. Those who know the least about how a
decision will impact the future seem to be talking the loudest and
have bought their way into the decision-making process.

Wasn’t that problem one of the reasons our ancestors crossed the
Atlantic Ocean?

Then I’m reminded that we could be talking about deer hunters, not
politicians, in this discussion. Many times we act the same way
politicians do; sometimes worse.

What’s the answer?

Each of us will have to decide for ourselves, but at the very least
I believe we should continue to keep explaining our principles, so
decision makers hear us.

I believe we can best do that by backing up our ideas with
science-based information, not some self-centered “because I want
it this way.”

And if the decisions go against what we believe will be best for
the environment, the outdoors, the wildlife and fishes, we need to
get even more involved in the process; that would be before someone
is elected to the State Senate or Assembly.

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