FOID card holders private – for now

Hunters and gun owners have retained some privacy – for now.

On Friday, lawmakers approved legislation that makes it illegal
for the Illinois State Police to release the names of those with
Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) Cards, unless gun owners are
under criminal investigation.

The House of Representatives voted 98-12 to send House Bill 3500
to the Senate for consideration.

In February, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office ruled that
the names were public information.

The plan’s chief sponsor, state Rep. Richard Morthland, R-Cordova,
said allowing the information to become public could potentially
lead to more gun violence.

“This could be a situation where you have people who are gun owners
and who are afraid that somebody who approaches their house might
wish them well or try to take their guns away from them,” Morthland
said. “And it is just better to have that information private.”

The ongoing battle is expected to heat up again in the Senate. A
timeline for a vote is not known.

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