Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 7

Region I

A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint for a deer carcass scattered
along the roadway. The deer harvest tag was found still on the
deer. The CPO contacted the permittee and interviewed the hunter.
It was determined that the hunter had legally harvested the deer
and had given the deer to the brother-in-law for processing. After
processing the deer, the brother-in-law later transported the
remaining carcass pieces to a field he had permission to hunt
coyotes over bait. But when he arrived at the field, the carcass
was no longer in the bed of the truck. The subject did not go back
to look for the lost load “since it was just a carcass.” The CPO
advised the brother-in-law it was a violation to dump deer
carcasses along the road, and he was issued a citation for

A district sergeant was called to a car/ snowmobile accident in
rural DeKalb County where the operator of the snowmobile was struck
by a car at approximately 35 mph. The operator and sled were tossed
143 feet. The operator was issued citations for failure to make a
complete stop before crossing a roadway and failure to cross at a
90-degree angle. He was transported to Kishwaukee Hospital in
DeKalb by Waterman Fire Department.

In April 2009, a CPO received a complaint from a customer who had
not received his watercraft registration and title from our
department. The customer advised he purchased his watercraft almost
a year prior, through a Boating Center in Rock Island, Ill. The
customer advised he was told the DNR was behind on watercraft
registrations. The CPO initiated an investigation and determined
there were a large number of customers experiencing the same
issues. The CPO contacted the Illinois Department of Revenue for
assistance in the investigation. At the conclusion of the
investigation, it was determined the Wakeens were not paying sales
tax on watercraft they sold and were not submitting applications
for registration and titles within the required time frame. In many
cases, the applications were never submitted to our Department. The
CPO also documented cases where the purchase dates on applications
for registration and title were falsified. At the conclusion of the
three-month investigation, the case was submitted to the Rock
Island County State’s Attorney’s Office for review.

A District 6 CPO issued two hunters citations for failure to
immediately tag deer after the CPO had received a phone call
stating the men had harvested three deer and only one was tagged.
Three deer were found and only one had been tagged.

A District 7 CPO is investigating a case of an antlered deer being
taken during the late winter deer season.

A District 6 CPO stopped a 15-year-old snowmobile operator
traveling against traffic flow upon a controlled access highway
without registration or parental supervision in Winnebago County.
The CPO escorted the youth back to his residence where his father
was issued a citation under the youthful operator section operating
upon a highway without adult supervision. Fines were assessed
against the parent for snowmobile violations.

A District 6 CPO responded from Rockford to a deer poaching
complaint in Stephenson County. The anonymous complainant reported
seeing a man shoot a deer from his vehicle during the closed
season, after dark, with a shotgun. The CPO located the field where
the deer was reportedly taken and found blood/deer hair but no gut
(organ) pile at the scene. The CPO found and followed motor vehicle
tracks in the field which led to a nearby farmhouse where
additional fresh blood was seen on the driveway in front of the
garage door. After identifying the man who resided at that house,
the CPO tracked him down at his workplace to conduct an interview.
The interview resulted in the man confessing to shooting not one
but two deer in that field that night.

A District 6 CPO continued an investigation into a Mississippi
hunter who allegedly killed a white-tailed buck illegally. The CPO
is working with the Mississippi conservation officers to assist in
the investigation.

A District 1 CPO continued a Mercer County deer poaching
investigation. The case has been submitted to the Mercer County
State’s Attorney’s Office for review. Multiple charges are

A District 1 CPO ended an investigation of a baited treestand in
Lowden Miller State Forest. The treestand was seized and the CPO
made contact with the owner of the treestand. The owner admitted to
placing the mineral block before season to get pictures on his
trail camera. He stated he had recently moved here from out of
state and did not realize it was not legal to do so in Illinois.
The subject was issued one citation and two written warnings.

While continuing to work on landowner fraud investigations, a CPO
contacted a subject who was not eligible for the landowner deer
tags he received. Upon further investigation, the subject’s father
had been continuing to receive the permits and had used them in
2009 and 2010. The father received three citations for illegally
using another hunter’s deer tag.

A Region I CPO increased watercraft inspections and trail patrols
on Departmental lands. The officer found four watercraft operators
in violation of boating safety regulations and educated them on
safe boating practices, as well as providing watercraft safety
regulation pamphlets to the operators.

A Region I CPO performed a boat safety inspection on an individual
new to boating. As per Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, it was an
inspection on one of the larger lakes in the county. The individual
had several violations, which were addressed by written warning.
Several minutes were spent explaining the regulations and different
types of PFDs.

Region II

CPOs arrested a subject while snowmobiling along the Fox River for
operating a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol. The
subject blew a 0.157 percent blood-alcohol rating.

A CPO arrested a subject at Silver Springs State Park for taking
over the limit of trout.

A CPO arrested six subjects at Silver Springs State Park for
fishing in the trout lakes during the closed period.

A CPO arrested a Yorkville subject for hunting coyotes with the
use/aid of a vehicle.

A CPO arrested a subject at Kankakee River State Park for taking
over the limit of trout.

A CPO arrested an apartment complex manager for unlawfully
depositing litter so as to create water pollution. The manager had
been warned on multiple occasions regarding garbage overflowing
from a dumpster into the DuPage River.

A CPO handled a case where a subject unlawfully operated his ATV
onto the I & M canal tow path and crashed into the Canal.
Appropriate charges were filed.

A CPO handled a vehicle crash at DPCA where a subject had crashed
into a fence belonging to the site and had the vehicle towed away
without reporting the incident. The CPO discovered the damaged
property and found the violator by contacting local tow companies
to find out if they had recently had any calls for service relating
to this area.

Region III

District 19 Officers continue to work on the deer investigation in
which multiple vehicles were used to run down and kill or
critically injured eight white-tailed deer in Dewitt County. Two
Dewitt county subjects were cited for 12 conservation charges that
were discovered during the Dewitt county deer investigation but
unrelated to the deer incident. These charges were: hunting by use
and aid of a motor vehicle, shining, unlawfully hunting after
sunset, uncased firearm in a vehicle, failure to maintain separate
bags, unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer and failure to
check in a deer as required.

While checking fisherman at White Oaks Park in Bloomington CPOs
arrested a McLean County subject that was wanted on two warrants,
one out of Dewitt County and the other out of Fulton County.

CPOs utilized the education trailer and gave a presentation at
McLean County Soil Conservation Days.

CPOs arrested a McLean County taxidermist for no valid taxidermy
license, untagged animals and an untagged deer head that was not
called in. Officers also are continuing to work several spinoff
deer cases from this inspection.

A CPO arrested a Macon County taxidermist for several violations
found during an inspection on his business.

CPOs are investigating a dumping case where a tagged deer was
dumped into a waterway with no confirmation number on the tag. A
spin-off investigation of this case found one of the subjects to
have killed eight deer and only checked in three of those

District 19 officers are continuing to work on the deer case in
Dewitt County where seven deer were killed by being run over by a

CPOs arrested a Mclean County man for unlawfully dumping four
skinned coyote carcasses into a waterway.

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for fraudulently
submitting required data to the IDNR. This arrest was a result of a
CPO reviewing harvest data information for Kickapoo State Park and
its satellites.

A CPO arrested three Champaign County subjects for attempting to
take over the daily limit of trout. The CPO had set up a
surveillance of the lake and watched these three subjects take
their daily limit of trout and then return and attempt to take
another limit of trout.

A CPO arrested a Champaign County subject who was wanted on two
warrants out of Champaign County. While checking fisherman at
Heritage Lake in Rantoul, the CPO encountered this subject fishing
without a license. A check of the subject in the computer found him
wanted on warrants.

Region IV

A CPO and Jersey County deputies arrested a subject at his
residence on a Class 4 felony warrant for stealing a truckload of
rocks from Pere Marquette State Park. They obtained a signed
consent search for his residence and located four cannabis plants
with grow lights.

A Lincoln man pleaded guilty to felony DUI as a result of an arrest
last summer in Mason County. He was sentenced to one year in the
Department of Corrections and ordered to pay $975 in fees and

A subject charged in January in Mason County pleaded guilty to
transporting a loaded rifle in a vehicle, Illegal transportation of
alcohol and driving in the wrong lane. He paid a total of $729 in
fines and costs.

District officers continue to chip away at individuals who falsely
applied for deer and turkey permits. More subjects are facing

Region V

A CPO caught a Sesser subject falsifying information on a spring
turkey permit application. The CPO took proper enforcement action
and informed the permit office.

A CPO has been assisting the Saline County Sheriff’s Department in
the recovery of stolen ATVs. Two ATVs have been recovered so

A CPO discovered four more meth labs in rural areas of Jackson
County. Jackson County authorities were contacted to clean up these
sites and remove the toxic materials.

On a follow-up to one of the meth labs discovered the week before,
a suspect was identified as having been observed in the area the
lab was discovered in. Based on this information, the Jackson
County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant for the residence
where the subject was staying. A large quantity of meth and four
containers with anhydrous ammonia in them were located at the
residence. The subject is now in jail charged with conspiracy to
manufacture meth and his bond is set at $250,000. Federal charges
are pending.

While a CPO was checking a goose hunter in Williamson County, a
non-resident hunter was found to have no plug in his shotgun and
his waterfowl stamp was not in his possession. He was cited for the
unplugged firearm and issued a written warning for the stamp. While
goose hunting in the same field as the other hunter, a non-resident
hunter was found to possess a shot gun that appeared to have no
plug in it as well. The hunter stated that there was a plug in the
gun. The gun was broken apart and it was found to possess a plug.
However the gun was still capable of holding three 3 inch shells in
the magazine tube.

CPOs were sent to the Thebes Bridge to assist the Illinois State
Police on a call of a possible suicide. The subject had walked out
on the railroad bridge over the middle of the Mississippi River.
CPOs were asked to bring a watercraft in case the subject fell into
the river. The CPOs arrived at the Thebes boat ramp ready to put
the boat in when it was learned that the subject had been taken
into custody.

A CPO responded to a call for assistance from the Illinois State
Police. Two subjects had escaped from the Massac County jail. One
was captured on the following morning but the other suspect was
still on the loose. ISP asked if we had any night vision or FLIR
units. An officer responded and assisted the U.S. Marshal Service
in searching the Honeywell Plant using the FLIR unit. The escapees
had camped out the previous night in the woods behind the Honeywell
plant. No one was found.

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