Wisconsin’s Inland game fish season closes March 6

Anglers should be aware that the game fish season on most inland
Wisconsin waters closes at the end of the day on Sunday, March

The panfish seasons remain open year-round as does the season
for certain game fish on select lakes and rivers, including much of
the Wisconsin River and its impoundments. Waters that remain open
are listed in the fishing regulations and on the Department of
Natural Resources Web site.

In addition, an early trout season opens 5 a.m. on March 5 and
continues until Sunday, May 1 at midnight. The early season is
catch-and-release only, and only artificial lures may be used while
fishing for any species of fish on trout streams. Beginning this
year, anglers are no longer required to use barbless hooks during
the early trout season, but are still required to use only
artificial lures while fishing for any species of fish on trout

Most trout streams are open to early fishing with the exception
of most Lake Superior tributaries and most streams in northeast
Wisconsin. Check the “2011-12 Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide”
to verify which waters are open during the early season. The early
trout season web pages of the DNR Web site provide a link to those
regulations, tips on the flies and techniques to use – as well as
other information – to help make your early trout season more
enjoyable and successful.

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