Hands off Natural Resources Trust Fund

With all the problems facing our state right now, you have to
wonder about a guy who would waste our time with an idea like that
being proposed by State Rep. David Agema.

Agema (R-Grandville) is seeking to divert 80 percent of the cash
generated by the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund. He has
proposed three bills that would put 60 percent of the fund into
road construction and maintenance, 20 percent into state airports,
and the remaining 20 percent into the parks and public places for
which 100 percent of the fund was created. He wants to do this, he
says, because the state has enough public lands and because he
wants to fix roads and shore-up airports without raising tax

Never mind that the NRTF is protected by the state constitution.
Never mind that our new governor has just expressed his approval of
the projects being supported by the fund this year and has said
that our state economy depends on such projects to build

The bills didn’t go anywhere last year but Agema has said he
believes that may change this year with a Republican majority in
the legislature. They have been referred to a committee.

Some say that the state does indeed have more public parks and
places than it can currently support. If that’s the case, then
Agema would better serve his constituents by proposing ways in
which the NRTF could be changed to improve and maintain those
places. A proposal like that would get the attention of everyone,
no matter whether they hold a majority in the state


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