Those Rotten Psycho Freaks Really Screw It Up For Gun Owners

I’m sure everyone has heard the news about the Congresswoman
that took a shot to the head. Six people around her were killed and
others were wounded. And now the anti-gun rhetoric begins.

Whenever there is a shooting in the United States the anti-gun
crowd comes out in full force. They espouse the typical talking
points. How innocent children die every year from poorly locked
guns. How there is a gun for every person in this country if you
look at how many guns are in distribution and how many people live

Well if you’re just looking at numbers, I would say the gun has a
pretty good record compared to a lot of other devices that kill
people, but that’s not the intent of this soapbox rant.

Almost immediately after the shooting took place pundits started
pointing fingers. Those fingers were pointed at Sarah Palin, the
Tea Party, conservative talk radio. The haters are now cowering in
the corner as the shooter is being described as a liberal

I don’t really care what the shooter was politically. Suffice it to
say he was not in a right mind if he shoots innocent people and
that is what counts.

Too often the media, and I don’t care what side they’re on, try to
find something or someone to blame besides the actual shooter. In
the case of Fort Hood the conservative media was quick to blame the
entire Muslim population. In this latest case with the
Congresswoman the blame is being directed by the liberal media
toward the conservative agenda and the caustic demeanor between
legislators on Capitol Hill. This tack is dying quickly because the
shooter wasn’t a right-wing fanatic but a rotten left-wing psycho
freak. And he is the only piece of this equation that deserves
credit for this shooting.

It’s not the gun’s fault. He could have driven a truck through the
crowd, hopped out and stabbed her and there might have been more
casualties. No, the gun is the last thing that deserves

It’s not Sarah Palin’s fault. She may get people on both sides of
the aisle fired up, but nothing she has ever said can be construed
as an order to go out and shoot elected representatives.

Right-wing radio does not deserve condemnation for this travesty.
It’s highly unlikely that the shooter listened to Rush, Shawn or
Glen. It is also doubtful that these top radio commentators could
drive someone to kill indiscriminately with their daily

What it boils down to is the only thing that deserves blame in this
tragedy is the shooter, yet every time something like this happens
a can of worms opens and we legitimate gun owners have to go on the
defensive to make a case for our right to bear arms. That’s not an
easy argument when you get some fool taking a weapon and shooting
innocents. I truly feel bad when someone loses a loved one in a
tragedy like this. I also feel bad when someone tries to use a
tragedy like this to fuel their agenda. Let’s do what’s necessary
to help the healing for those that need it and punish the person
that committed this heinous crime. It’s too bad the death penalty
takes so long to happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone like
this punished while the wounds were still fresh?


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