Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Governor Dayton Picks Tom Landwehr To Head MN DNR

Dayton picks avid sportsman and dedicated conservationist to
lead DNR

Governor Dayton appointed Tom Landwehr as Commissioner of the
Department of Natural Resources. Landwehr brings both an insider’s
knowledge and an outsider’s perspective to the agency. He has
served as a City Council Member and as an Instructor at the
University of Minnesota’s School of Natural Resources. He also
served for seventeen years at DNR both as a scientist and as a
Wildlife Manager. With a Master’s Degree in Business, Landwehr
understands that conservation and resource management must be
properly balanced to promote economic prosperity and support jobs.
Landwehr is widely respected by people in the conservation,
recreation and business communities. He brings to the agency a
reputation as someone with creative and innovative solutions to
many of Minnesota’s top natural resource issues.

“I believe that Tom Landwehr has the years of experience in
resource conservation and management, as well as 17 years of
service in the DNR, to bring strong leadership to that vitally
important agency,” said Governor Dayton. “No other agency of state
government affects as many Minnesotans’ lives directly as the DNR.
At its best, the agency is viewed as a wise steward of our state’s
natural resources for the benefit of all our citizens and for
future generations. Tom’s mandate from me is to bring out the best
in the agency and all of its people.”

“I am honored to serve Governor Dayton and the citizens of
Minnesota in this critical position”, said Landwehr. “By bringing
together all those with a stake in the future of our state’s
resources, I hope to show that sound conservation and vital
communities are a natural combination. We need to have a Department
of Natural Resources that works for all Minnesotans.”

Landwehr began his career at DNR in the early 1980’s as a
research biologist, and quickly moved on to greater responsibility
as Wildlife Manager for over 5 years and as the Wetland Wildlife
Program Leader for nearly ten. After leaving DNR in 1999 he was
State Conservation Director for Ducks Unlimited in Minnesota and
Iowa until 2003 and most recently has served as Assistant State
Director for The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, North Dakota and
South Dakota. He has also served on the Shoreview City Council
where he served from 1995 to 2002. He has been an active member of
his community for many years, serving on multiple boards and
commissions. He has an MS in Wildlife Management from the
University of Minnesota, and an MBA from the Carlson School of
Management. Landwehr lives in Shoreview with his wife Patty and 2
children, He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing,
canoeing, camping and boating.

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