Deer disease appears to be making isolated comeback

Three summers after epizootic hemorrhagic disease ravaged the
deer herd across a big chunk of southern Illinois, some northern
deer appear to be affected.

According to an Associated Press report,  EHD is causing
problems in Chicago’s south suburbs, where residents are finding
dead or dying deer in their backyards and in nearby forest

DNR has reported more than 30 deer have been discovered to be
dying from an insect-born virus known as EHD, or epizootic
hemorrhagic disease. The department began monitoring the situation
near Crete late last month.

Some residents have found deer frothing at the mouth,
approaching homes and humans, and dying near creeks. Those are all
signs of EHD.

The last major outbreak of EHD in Illinois in 2007 killed 1,900
deer in 57 counties.


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