Leftover Spring Turkey Licenses Go on Sale Monday, March 8

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment reminds
hunters that leftover spring turkey licenses go on sale to
unsuccessful license applicants on Monday, March 8, at 10 a.m.
Licenses will go on sale to all hunters, including those who did
not participate in the application process, on March 15 at 10

Applicants can check for license drawing results at www.michigan.gov/dnr. Successful
applicants will not be notified by postcards.

“There are a large number of licenses available for many areas
of the state,” said Al Stewart, the DNRE’s turkey specialist. “The
greatest flexibility for hunters is in the Upper Peninsula, where
all open areas are included in one hunt unit and licenses are good
for the entire April 19 – May 31 season. But there are more than
46,000 licenses available that allow hunters to pursue turkeys on
private land anywhere in southern Michigan from April 19 – May 2,
the first two weeks of the season, too.”

There are 56,344 total leftover licenses available.

Licenses are available at all state license vendors or can be
purchased online at www.michigan.gov/dnr.

Hunters may purchase one license.

In 2009, Michigan hunters harvested about 40,000 turkeys, making
Michigan one of the top 10 turkey hunting states in the country.
Hunter satisfaction remains high, Stewart noted.

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