Pneumonia outbreak kills 79 bighorn sheep in NV

Reno, Nev. (AP) – Nevada wildlife officials say a pneumonia
outbreak has killed 79 bighorn sheep in two mountain ranges near
Elko, and they expect the die-off to worsen.

Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist Caleb McAdoo says 61
dead sheep have been found in the East Humboldt Range and 18 dead
bighorns have turned up in the adjoining Ruby Mountains.

He says that represents a mortality rate of 31 percent of the
herd in the East Humboldts and 11 percent of the herd in the Ruby

The ranges are located about 300 miles east of Reno.

Four years ago, pneumonia claimed 80 percent of the Ruby
Mountains herd.

It’s the first major disease outbreak in the East Humboldts
since bighorns were reintroduced there 18 years ago.

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