Winterkill conditions open lakes to liberalized fishing

Snow and frigid temperatures have combined to make some shallow
lakes susceptible to winterkill conditions, prompting the Minnesota
DNR to open them to liberalized fishing. Lakes opened to
liberalized fishing in the West Metro Fisheries Management Area

• Rice Marsh* (10-1) T 116 R22, 23 Sec 18, 13 Carver County
Posted: 02/23/10

• Rutz (10-8) T 116 R25 Sec 8 Carver County Posted: 02/23/10

• Duck (27-69) T 116 R 22 Sec 5 Hennepin County Posted:

• Smetana (27-73) T 116 R 22 Sec 12 Hennepin County Posted:

• Starring (27-78) T 116 R 22, Sec22 Hennepin County Posted:

• Cynthia (70-52) T 113, 114 R 22 Sec 4,5,32,33 Scott County
Posted: 02/23/10

• Lakefront Park Pond (70-169) T 114 R 22 Sec 2 Scott County
Posted: 02/23/10

The above listed lake(s) will be open to liberalized fishing
until sunset of:March 7, 2010

* The University of Minnesota is conducting a fish movement
study in Rice Marsh Lake, and anglers might catch tagged fish. If
you find any tagged fish, please report fish and tag information
via the MN DNR web site’s fish tag reporting page

or phone (612) 624 4964 (leave a message if no answer).

Winterkill conditions are created when sunlight is unable to
penetrate the ice and oxygen levels in the water drop. Fish are
often unable to survive in these low-oxygen conditions. “These
lakes are opened so the public can make use of these fish, which
are otherwise likely to die,” said Daryl Ellison, West Metro Area
DNR Fisheries Supervisor.

Licensed resident anglers may take all species of fish, in any
quantity and in any manner, except with the use of seines,
hoopnets, fyke nets or explosives, for personal use. Rough fish
such as bullheads, carp, suckers, and buffalo fish may be sold. If
used, all gill nets must have metal tags affixed to the net stating
the operator’s name and address; the tags must be attached to one
end of the float line near the first float. Each tag must be a
minimum of 2 1/2″ X 5/8″. Anglers also are reminded that they must
obey all laws regarding trespassing on private property and that it
is against the law to discard fish on shore or on the ice.

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