Wyo. Game and Fish lists often-neglected hunting laws

Cheyenne, Wyo. (AP) – With the arrival of hunting season, the
Wyoming Game and Fish Department has compiled a list of five of the
most common laws that hunters violate.

Game and Fish officials say many hunters overlook tagging
requirements for big and trophy game. Hunters must detach, sign and
date the tags on hunting licenses and attach them to a carcass
before leaving the site of a kill.

The department says many hunters also forget to retain evidence
of an animal’s sex, which is required when the animal was killed in
areas where hunting is restricted to a specific sex of animal.

Officials say another common violation is trespassing. Hunters
need to carry written permission from a landowner or land manager
when on private land.

The department also reminds hunters that it’s illegal to shoot
wildlife from motorized vehicles or from public roads.

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