Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Mixed bag


Associate Editor

Mixed bag. My mind’s going in a million
different directions this morning. Four tall cups of strong coffee
will do that. As such, here’s a sampling of the random thoughts
floating around:

€ Though a monthly association fee is supposed to cover things
like lawncare and snow removal at my house, there’s a fair amount
on the driveway and sidewalk. Took a few moments and a steel shovel
last night to try and clear it off, to no avail. Seems the rapid
warm up/cool down turned the snow to something that more resembles

While I’ve made no calls on the matter, I have to imagine
conditions are similar elsewhere, which can’t be helpful as
pheasants scrounge for food. I’d be interested to hear from anyone
who’s got some firsthand reports.

€ Ice fishing apparently is slow at Mille Lacs, which makes
sense, given the annual ice fishing trip to the lake is now just
two weeks away.

€ Deer hunting is the gift that keeps on giving. The actual
hunting, of course, is limited by law to only a short period of
time, but the spoils of the hunt last much longer. While I tend to
make venison steaks and chops on the grill, cooking the meat in a
crock pot is quickly ascending the list. A venison streak and can
of Pepsi cooked for eight hours on low earlier this week produced
one of the most tender and delicious hunks of meat I’ve ever

I need to run along now. That sound you hear is venison brats
calling my name.

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