Tuesday, February 7th, 2023
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

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Lake Champlain fishing is slow – or maybe nonexistent now until
safe ice, which generally comes sometime in late December or early
January. First ice generally occurs up north in Kings and Kelly
bays or in the Bulwagga Bay area of Port Henry further down the

Around the Adirondacks, however, some waters have buttoned up
and are offering some – if somewhat spotty – ice conditions.
Meachem Lake can be excellent for splake and Lake Eaton a great
spot for some trout and landlocked salmon. Pay very close attention
to ice conditions, however.

One superb source of information is the Web site www.iceshanty.com, a site dedicated
to ice fishing in several states, with plenty of good – and usually
solid – information on fishing and ice conditions. Still, don’t
take any report (including ours) as gospel when it comes to ice
conditions and always conduct your own safety tests when you visit
any body of water.

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