Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Oct. 25: Collins zone Canada goose period 3 opens, runs through Nov. 19.

Oct. 28-31: Early antlerless-only gun deer hunt in Zone T units
only. Archery season will remain open, but is restricted to the
harvest of antlerless deer.

Oct. 30: Fox season opens in the south zone, through Feb.

Oct. 30: Coyote trapping opens in south zone, through Feb.

Oct. 30: Mink season opens in central (through Dec. 31) and
Winnebago (through March 15) zones.

Oct. 30: Muskrat season opens in south zone (through Feb. 28)
and Winnebago zone (through March 15).

Oct. 31: Lake trout season closes on waters of Green Bay and
Lake Michigan and their tributaries.

Nov. 1: Deadline to buy Lake Winnebago system sturgeon spearing

Nov. 1: Fisher trapping season opens in various zones, through
Dec. 31.

Nov. 1: Wild ginseng season closes.

Nov. 1: Horicon zone Canada goose hunting period 4 opens and
runs through Dec. 15.

Nov. 1: Hook-and-line lake sturgeon season closes on Michigan
boundary waters.

Nov. 5: Pintail season closes in south zone.

Nov. 6: Beaver trapping season in the southern zone (C) opens
through April 30.

Nov. 7: Fall turkey season closes.

Nov. 7: Sharp-tailed grouse season closes.

Nov. 8: Woodcock closes.

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