Kewaunee County 13-point buck could score 185 points


Algoma, Wis. John Robinson’s second-ever buck by bow was one for
the record books and may, in fact, be the largest whitetail ever
shot in Kewaunee County.

Robinson, 26, of Algoma, has been bowhunting since he was 18. He
likes to set himself up for a close shot during the archery season
by putting out 10 to 15 apples within range of his tree stands.

On Sept. 18, opening evening of the state’s bow season, the
unthinkable happened for any hunter in an earn-a-buck unit a
massive 13-point buck came in nearly two hours before legal light
ended, ate all the apples in about five minutes, and left.

As soon as he thought he could get out undetected, Robinson who
had yet to shoot an antlerless deer to qualify for his buck
validation sticker as required in Unit 80B headed out of the

Two weeks later, he arrowed a doe fawn on another property, then
waited for the right wind southwest for this particular stand
location so he could wait without worrying about spooking the
whitetail’s sensitive nose.

Tuesday night, Oct. 5, was the right time. He slipped to his
stand, and with just minutes of legal light left, the giant buck
again appeared. Robinson’s shot looked good, but just missed the
lungs and angled back into the stomach.

Robinson’s twin brother, Marty, and older brother, Pat, joined
on the blood trail later that night, but they didn’t find the buck.
In the days to come, others helped search. Robinson figured he put
in at least four hours a day looking.

The deer went through several properties, finally dying in high
grass near a pond. The landowners found it five days after it was

Though saddened by the loss of the venison and a
badly-deteriorated cape, Robinson at least got to put his tag on
what could turn out to be one of the highest-scoring whitetails
ever shot by a northeastern Wisconsin archer.

The 13-pointer weighed 285 pounds with the entrails still
intact. Its rack green-scored nearly 185 inches of antler, larger
than any other Kewaunee County buck bow or gun listed in either the
Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club or Boone and Crockett Club record

In fact, if the score comes even close to that, it would be the
second largest buck ever arrowed on the Kewaunee-Door Peninsula.
Bob Meingast’s 19-point trophy, shot in 2002 near Sturgeon Bay,
scored 1954/8.

Robinson’s buck apparently had a fairly large home range. It was
captured on various remote surveillance cameras and live video in
recent years. Also, its shed antlers were found by other hunters
more than one mile away in recent seasons.

Even though Robinson legally had to pass up the magnificent buck
opening night, DNR Northern Region warden supervisor Mike Bartz was
impressed enough to ask for Robinson’s address.

“I would like to take the time to send him a card thanking him
for doing the right thing,” Bartz said. “The future of hunting
depends on all of us doing the right thing, at the right time, the
right way and for the right reasons.”

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